What Game Did You Get To Support GDQ's Charity?


I know I am getting Bleed and Bleed 2 but then I am torn between Slipstream, Sub Level Zero and Transistor? Waht\s a Minbari supposed to do???

It\s gone in a day. What did you get?


Ah an official store. Tis cool. Only thing I’d get is Furi, not interested or even familiar with the others. Guess I’ll try to remember for next year. :slight_smile:


slipstream is worth it, a nice pixel art racer with a lot of drifting (It also has a battle royal mode)


I started Transistor and it’s pretty fun. Kinda funny too since the MC can only drag the sword around - much bigger than her. Pretty hack n slash so far.

The art is great, but I just like Super Giant’s style, ^^ Took another look at Sub Level Zero, but the perspective / colours = nope. Slipstream is actually not what I thought - the retro look of the environment and cars is much prettier to me than realistic looking graphics. It looks fun, but not keen to try racing games again. Last time I tried, I failed the tutorial over and over, lol

Sorry I can be more help. :slight_smile: There’re all such different games, I guess you’ll pick your fave genre among them. Failing that, go all DnD on the choice and roll some dice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Timespinner, it was on my wishlist forever and finally pulled the trigger :slight_smile: Tempted to get Textorcist but I know I’d fail at is pretty hard.


I ended up only getting the Bleed bundle. The dang exchange killed me just on that.:crazy_face:
But thanks for the help :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Uh oh. Ze Paypal fees ev3l or something else?


I got Timespinner and Slipstream. Co-op Metroidvania, and arcade drift racing is my cup of tea. No online for both unfortunately. I also like simulation racers, as I can experience the realism of crashing and flipping my vehicle for refusing to drive with common sense and understand basic physics.

Thank you Chrono.gg for supporting GDQ and in turn, Doctors Without Borders this way. I hope not too many made their purchases at Steam’s Summer Sale to be able to pitch in here. I liked hearing the commentator deliver Chrono.gg’s donation announcement followed by roaring cheers! Well done!


Too bad we didn’t make the goal… It’s a good charity.

I only contributed $8 to the campaign…


Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X, and Bleed + Bleed 2 Combo