What do you think of Hyper Light Drifter?

I’ve sunk in about 3 hours into the game, and I gotta say I’m loving it. The 30FPS cap took me some getting used to because of how fast paced the game is. The combat is pretty damn fun, the atmosphere and music actually gave me goosebumps like 3 times, mostly when I see how violent someone’s memory is when I talk to them, or see one of the dead giants in the background. The story is pretty ambient, and I REALLY like it, though I can instantly guess people are going to bash it for having ‘no story’. If there’s one thing to be annoyed about in the gameplay it’s probably some glitches and issues in level design. Level design is overall good but sometimes backtracking is tedious, and in other times I’m either finding too many HP packs that I’m leaving some behind, or I’m finding too little… Apparently the devs don’t know how to balance that well. Still, game is damn fun.

So what do you think? Worth the purchase? In other news, since Ionin is probably stalking this thread, can you give me a quick review of Enter The Gungeon? How’s the variety in weapons and bosses? Is the game tough? How long can one playthrough be?

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It looks super schmexy. I might pick it up just for the visuals. Waiting to see what @lonin thinks about it.

I just bought HLD, going to try and play a little tonight! As for Enter the Gungeon review, it’s amazing, everyone should buy it. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, I’ve put more hours into that than into Fallout 4 and I’m still finding new stuff.

I can’t wait for Gungeon, it looks rad as hell. Probably be awhile before it hits this site, so I might just have to pick it up early from steam. :cry: Still it’s like 11 bucks, THAT AINT BAD.

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Preordered Gungeon on Green Man Gaming. 10,80€ isn’t a bad price for a brand new, shiny rouge-like! Obviously excited for this one. Seems like you can’t talk about any game here without Gungeon being mentioned haha.

Anyway, about Drifter. Hesitant to buy it right away or else I’ll have too much to play at once. :smiley:
The game looks purdy, reminds me a lot of Titan Souls but with more vibrant, vivid colors. I wonder how long it is, but I definitely gonna pick it up in the near future

I didn’t get a chance to play last night, but I should have some time tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Keep us updated.
In my case I’d like to know if I should buy it instantly or wait and play Gungeon instead :stuck_out_tongue: