What do you think about boundless?


I’m curious if anyone would be interested? What do you think about this game?:thinking:


i saw it had an MMO tag, and immediately relegated it to just be a +1 in my library :smile:

i think i actually have an extra copy of it from a bundle somewhere thinking about it :thinking:


The last Monthly probably, this was the bonus game.


no that was the copy i activated because 2 showed up in my list


Then probably the previous Squeenix bundle? That was where I got my copy that I activated. Haha…


ye that sounds right, didn’t notice it was a squeenix title, and i did get Forgotten Anne (i should really finish that at some point) :sweat_smile:


that’s what I say everyday about something I have played… :man_facepalming:

Your vice: Grim Dawn
My vice: Spelunky + Now apparently several other equally time-consuming games.


Let’s just say when new compy is up, I should really avoid My Time at Portia for a while, or I’ll spend all my time stalking talking to Gust. :heart:


It looks interesting, but I don’t know anything about it.


Got it from the Humble Monthly…Haven’t played.


It’s something I’d play if I had it (and could run it). It’s a gorgeous world - like would mostly explore (which I what I end up doing in MMORPGs) or open-world spaces.


I certainly would be interested. I know @Evranu has been playing it for a bit over the past week or so. I got it out of that old squeenix bundle a while ago and while it wasn’t something I was particularly interested in I figured it might be worth a shot together with a couple of people at some point.

So if that point is coming up then I’d like to participate.


Alright. I’m hosting a giveaway to find you a playmate for it.:wink:

Don’t forget to join @Danacscott


Sure thing! I just looked up and saw this.


The only thing I can really comment on is the look. I think it looks great. Other than that I don’t have much of an opinion since I haven’t watched any gameplay really and I prefer to keep games as spoiler free as possible. I saw the giveaway and just commented on it and I’m unsure about deciding to actually enter since I’ve never really played MMO’s. I would be more inclined to play if I had an idea of who has this and would like to play this with me. Might be a nice change of pace for me since MMO’s are pretty much never on my radar.