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what do these numbers mean?


So I got bored, stumbled upon this video, decoded the description using hexadecimal, receiving binary, then decoding from binary to get these numbers “2021-107868441115” What could these numbers mean? Is there a use for the “-”? are they coordinates? gunna need some help solving this one. keep in mind it’s just for fun, and the numbers might not mean anything at all.


Why hex? If anything I would have tried base 4 but that didn’t really help. The 2021 is promising but it honestly looks like a rhythm. Like something you’d put into one of those music generators online.


Just seems like a youtube channel trying to be spooky



Search me but I LOVE this tune. :slight_smile:




Numbers wouldn’t make sense for base 4, I like your music generator idea! never heard that before.


And one that isn’t saturated by youtube theories or any mystery media. Spent 3 minutes doing this, thought you guys might help a bit.


could this be a good tool? (not downloading this but in theory)


I don’t think anyone would go this far. Better would be to find a pattern recognition software and translate the original text.


Maybe its the phone number for illuminati