What determines the amout of coins we get for every sale?

For me it’s 20 + bonus for the whole week, and i could swear i saw 50+ bonus on my friends page a few days back. What determines the amount of coins we get, is it dynamic or?



I believe that it is random with the guaranteed minimum of 20.
On Saturday we got 100 for that sale and of course, the longer you can keep the streak going, the more you gain from bonus chests.

It’s a good wee system, I like it a lot. I like the site too but I have still yet to see a game I like or don’t already have but I’ve only been here a fortnight or so.


Correct! It’s the same amount for everyone aside from the bonus roll, which is random. We occasionally differ the daily reward as well to promote coming back that day.


Thanks for the clarification.

Keep doing exactly what you are doing right now, every day i feel excited to come here and claim my coins :sunglasses:


Thanks for the base 100 coins during April Fools Day. That made me do a double take when I collected it.