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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Ugress published a new release on his bandcamp today. Norwegian electronica with some really great tracks to his name. This and many other songs are available for free if you want them.


Sooooo good…


Decided to try L.A’s Finest, a tv show based on Bad Boy’s. It features Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union as the main characters, and is set 13 years after Bad Boys 2. I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far, but I like it. I mean it has the typical cop drama cheese but its got some tone from the movies, and I enjoy that.

Also finished the Arthdal Chronicles (at least I don’t know if they have more episodes coming out for P1) and although it was often over the top, I liked it a lot. Hopefully they do a P2 soon. :slight_smile:


I’ve been going back and listening to Epic Rap Battles of History this past week. I think my favorites are these two. They are just super well written and designed.


@Enki @Agetime I love these two. Have this song stuck in my head since yesterday, when I went to watch Zé Celso’s Roda Viva.

Not sure if you are familiar with the playwright, but he’s a sumidade.


Chico is love :green_heart:


Lovely song … I didn’t checked the whole album when it got released recently, so I missed this unfortunately :slight_smile:
And x2 unfortunately I will miss their concert at friday on the Hills of Rock festival along with my all time favorites - Children of Bodom in the same day, but it is what it is…

Recently started to watch Stranger Things by Netflix when I feel too tired to even try to play games. I’m really surprised it’s pretty decent and mysterious and not influenced by Game of Thrones at all (major +) :smiley:. I was sceptical by being a story around children (of course children cast) but they play amazingly… so far it’s great at the end of season 1.


Watched the latest episode of Arthdal Chronicles. All I can say is…they better not have done what they are saying they did. Uh uh. NOPE. Y’all can’t do that to me. :laughing:

Finished S2 of Dark and it was CRAZY! haha loved it, worth the wait. It left so many new questions though, and now I have to wait 10 years for S3. lol So I’m either starting up Unit 42 on Netflix next, hope its good, or will start Leila. Hmm.

Finally, heard this on Spotify:

Oh my gosh! So you’re liking Stranger Things? Yay! And ah, GAH. Now I want to rewatch it! :laughing:


Maria Bethânia is a musician who marked my childhood :blush:, I remember when I went to São Paulo with my father (who admires her a lot) it was common to always end up listening to some songs from her :heart_eyes:

I have to admit i do not know much about Zé Celso’s works (although I’m sure I’ve heard his name a few times), but hey, i saw in the article that they updated the play, and how was?? :bouquet:


I’m trying really hard to enjoy the recent Godzilla anime trilogy…but…I don’t think I find Godzilla particularly interesting…halfway through the second and I kind of feel like giving up.


Well I skipped Unit 42 and Leila, and started Poldark (2915) on Amazon. I love it. Historical period pieces are really hard to find, but when I do find them, I get attached to them so quickly. :laughing:



I’ve been watching a Spanish show on Netflix called Locked Up. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first because of the main character being a naive woman who lets people walk over her and walks into the stupidest of stuff, but she starts to slowly grow in her time in prison into someone stronger. I’m not on board with a lot of the story directions they have been taking (the main plot) but overall its not bad really.

Saray, Zulema and Curly are my favorites because they are written consistently and sold on camera very well to their characters. They each bring a different sort of life to the show.


^reminds me
7 Seeds is just… mindnumbingly stupid :confounded:
no clue how the manga compares, but just given this plot, i’d assume it’s equally painful attempting to bend suspension of disbelief enough to follow that too :man_facepalming:


Oh my gosh, I tried it too, and every episode I either felt like I was watching random stuff every five minutes (and was confused) or they were doing really stupid things every scene. So bad. Which is a shame, too, because the premise is really promising.


The manga seems pretty decently rated on MAL, maybe worth picking up.


tbh the premise is one of the things i have the biggest issues with, it’s just… inconceivably dumb…
“lets take 7 KIDS, plop them some rando place, -away from the pre built shelter and stashes, and lets just “hope” they wing it, and repopulate the earth. Oh did we mention we decided to put this ludicrous effort on groups of ONLY 7 people -with 0 prep, training, notice, or psych eval. 7kids 1 adult on a handful of groups away from planted resources, yup lets go with that, now bend over and kiss our ass goodbye and have this flawless plan make sure humans don’t go extinct”
-and then the fcn B team… because ofc you need to have 1fn team that’s intentionally chosen from outcast, misfits/“dropout”, because that makes even more bloody sense
like, what in the actual hell… who planned this? What fn committee, minister or professor was high on LSD when they began scribbling the notes for this contingency ??? :dizzy_face: :confounded:
i can’t even describe how painful it is to try wrap my head around this plot, like initially it seemed like a neat idea with some neat settings crossing… But then as the exposition unfolds to lay out the foundation, no, just hell fcn no. It’s some of the most stupid senseless nonsense i’ve encountered.
-and that’s before all the glaring and ongoing issues in world/story then increasingly eek in to make one slam the head against a desk…


I mean government making a program to keep humanity alive after an apocalypse because you know they would never tell people about it (lies and attempts to create a secret noah’s ark is more likely), not necessarily that children were picked for the job. That sort of stuff really interests me. :laughing:


While I can of course recognize how absurdly stupid setups like these are I often don’t really mind them much, as long as the story that comes out of them makes sense under the established circumstances. Adding additional contrivances mid-story just to ramp up drama or tension however will often ruin it for me though.

A lot of good science fiction is often about setting up a ‘what if’ scenario and then try to imagine how it’d play out, you’ll often miss the point if you busy yourself with trying to invalidate the starting point.

But that said I have not seen or read anything of this particular one yet so it may very well be as stupid as you’re saying.


i know premises and plot “allowances” can vary great from people, but this was just too much for me to overcome, it’s just really bad to me (and i’ve happily indulged in stupid sci fi or fantasy before :sweat_smile:). Thus i tried to “rewrite” the show’s description to be a bit more accurate, than what suckered me in. :smile:

:grimacing: oh boi… yea, uhm… not good news on that front either, at least not from my perspective, but your mileage may vary
it’s good enough too look at tho, i’ll give it that, can’t find much to fault it on the art department front.