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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


watching: It’s octobover so shows are starting back up again, happy to get some The Good Place to watch etc :smile:
also just watched

this thing is just utterly ridiculous :rofl:, like Hard Rain, Sharknado, The Day After Tomorrow and Die Hard 3, -but with none of the talent, brain or “elegance” :joy: utterly enjoyable for me somehow, wonderful stupid move


because i’m highly literate like that :face_with_monocle:, :blush: (and i’ve been needing it to decompress lately) :+1:

listening to:

especially with

on massive repeat, along with

and some

too :+1:


So yes, I am very obessessed. To the point that it crossed over to my musical interests. :smile: I just heard about them, so I thought I’d give them a dry.

(Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time & Ride Into Obsession)

I’m still reading my Viking Language, but for tonight I sat it aside to dig back into The Wheel of Time to relax. I’m considering rereading A Song of Ice and Fire though before the next season comes out because I’d like to try and predict some stuff before it arrives. :laughing:

(Also, they just announced S2 of The Dragon Prince, coming 2019, so I am VERY excited and happy! :slight_smile: )


I am reading Bloody Rose book - continues the story from Kings of the Wyld and focuses on the band - Fable. They get a bard, you learn about each character and their flaws, and is similar to the first book.

I felt this book was not as good as the first, but is still a good fantasy read.


I truly love this game. So much that I cannot describe it. The soundtrack, the story, the characters, the sprite work, the setting, the Dragon Ball artwork…it is perfect. It, Secret of Mana and FFVI are the best games ever made. :blush:

And Mass Effect. First (non JRPG) series that made me feel…hopeless and hopeful at the same time (Horizon: Zero Dawn, if made into a series, is probably going to do that too). I’m still a little upset with how they handled Andromeda, but not enough to forget how much I loved the original three and how powerful the narrative was.


Since I’ve started watching One Punch Man and am loving it so I decided to also start watching Sword Art Online. Since both of these shows are so brilliantly amazing I might start watching Attack On Titan, but I don’t want to watch three shows at the same time.


Just finished Big Mouth‘s second season. The first one was hilarious and much needed as good comedy becomes rarer by the day, but the second one had a slow start and suffers from… Trying to come up with a fancy name for shows that overdo it with their sequels and just dial everything to 11, even though they could‘ve done just as well by sticking to the original content… Sequelitis?! Sequeletosis? Anway, you get the idea. The first half of the seasons felt a bit lost as it told mutiple stories about multiple characters like The Simpsons and the Planned Parenthood episode was like Treehouse of Horror but without the fun and purely educational, but after that it gets better, funnier and ties everything together. Some bits at least. The finale was a bit too huge and that‘s where the whole sequel sickness comes into play, because that means season 3 has to be even more focused on the whole imaginary aspect and derail entirely from what made the first season so good. Still looking forward to it though. Just like the guys 'n gals in the series the show still figures out who and what it‘s gonna be.


Warframe’s music reminds me a lot of Mass Effect in many ways. Maybe it is because it is excellently done and fits the atmosphere so well (as did ME’s music). Hmm.

(I mean…just listen to this song! xD)

Full OST


"Thursday 11. October 8pm ET"
Just sayin :blush:

#Supernatural :crazy_face:


this show… it’s still going? :exploding_head:


It’s unreal how long it is going, but I’m happy for the fans. It sucks when your show gets killed before its time, especially when it has a really solid and unique plot.


I watched Malevolent on Netflix and while the idea was great, the execution was poor. The main chick’s acting was good too, but it felt more a murder mystery than a supernatural story and then there were no scares (I do not count jump scares) and then that ending.

2/5. The acting could not save it.

I then watched The Free State of Jones. It went as I predicted it would. 2/5.

Finally, getting annoying by the trash on Netflix, I decided to just watch The Green Mile. You’ll never get disappointed by stuff you know is good. :+1:

(warning; don’t watch Your Lie In April)


Disregard this, Your lie in April is great. It’s a beautiful tragic coming of age story with a lot of really good music on top. The anime at least, do not know about the live action movie.


Come on Skyblivion…we’re waiting so patiently for you (and Skywind!).

Exactly. Tragic. Y’all, don’t listen to Fraggles. I’m telling you, this is not something you can watch. It’s too much to handle.

(didn’t know there was a live action!)


I had planned to watch all of it soon assuming it had been over for years… guess I was wrong.
I’ve only seen a few episodes more than 10 years ago.


I’m watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and I don’t know, or care, if others like but I love it. The twins’ relationship is just so endearing (on episode 6), and there are no cheesy jump scares. It’s great, it has scary moments, it has sad moments…I like it a lot.

5/5 so far.


This. On repeat. Because it’s awesome. Shame nothing else on the CD is anywhere near as good…


Finished The Haunting of Hill House. Loved it until the very end, which very felt cheesy, but oh well. Overall still a great show.



Finished Quantico S3…didn’t really like it as much as the first couple of seasons, but objectively it was probably better TV. Finishing up Killjoys S3 and S4 now…it’s not fantastic but I can appreciate a little more why they kept this over Dark Matter.

Watched Black 47, Leave No Trace, The Apostle and Jack Ryan Shadow recruit…all ok films, not jaw droppers but satisfactory viewing nevertheless. The Apostle was actually pretty good, but also not at the same time.

And done with You Died - The Dark Souls Companion. Did what it promised with some interesting side stories to boot. Post book blues means I randomly pick something and so I’ll be starting Zachary Mason’s Void Star tonight.


So they cancelled Iron Fist and we all know the real reason why they did it. What a disgraceful decision. If they’re cancelling their low quality Netflix Marvel shows, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones better be next, because their S2s were HORRIBLE and only Jessica Jones had a solid S1 out of all three of them.

Anyways, onto the point…

I watched the Charmed reboot and guys…it is so bad, so politically motivated and unfun, that even and other like minded sites called them out for it. It was so horrible I couldn’t stand more than ten minutes of it. And people said that Supergirl was bad? Ha! Watch this and tell me Supergirl is politically motivated.

I also got to see the Titans pilot. While I have qualms about character ability shifts and personality shifts still, such as Starfire’s powers being weirdly changed to actual fire powers and Raven’s power being some sort of meta-physical extension unlike her comic book version (its cool though in a way!) and Robin (Dick Grayson) is this really broody, violent detective much like Jason Todd, I…actually enjoyed it. Now if I went in wanting my straight up DC fix, I’m not going to lie, there were problems with the DC content being “fixed”, but as a show? It actually was pretty good.

The CGI wasn’t bad either, and the quality doesn’t look CW at all (but you can tell its a TV show like CW quality), its a lot darker looking. Gritty. You know…edgy. lol

Also, listened to this, because I really love it. :blush:


Iron Fist got cancelled?! Well, it was only a matter of time, I suppose, although the second season really turned it around for me, but apparently not for the general public. At the same time I’m okay with it, because the cliffhanger of the second season and the huge overhaul of the original material left a bitter aftertaste.

I completely forgot what the second season of Jessica Jones was even about, but Luke Cage? Dude, Bushmaster was awesome!

However, all of this led me to check Rotten Tomatoes for all the scores on Netflix’ Marvel Shows and Rotten Tomatoes can go choke on a dick. Punisher only has a 66% rating, while Agents of Shield is around 90%. Are you fucking joking? Agents of Shield is a soap opera with superhero flavor at best and Punisher is an amazing revenge story.

I will never fucking take Rotten Tomato scores serously again.


I’ve added Knightfall (its on Netflix now), The White Queen (Amazon) because I really loved it, and Britannia (Amazon) because Celts and Romans to my “to watch list”. First one to start is Knightfall though, because I haven’t seen it and soon Mark Hamill will be in it, so I need to be caught up. :laughing:

Yep, Iron Fist is dead, but they said his character can/will live on through other media. Which to me proves that low ratings is not the reason why his stuff was cancelled. There’s no way his S1 or S2 was less popular than S2 of Jessica Jones. That stuff was such hot garbage…

I completely forgot what the second season of Jessica Jones was even about, but Luke Cage? Dude, Bushmaster was awesome!

I think both seasons were horribly boring with the exception of Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth. The show should have been all about him. His character was so damn interesting I spent the entire time he wasn’t on screen wondering when he’d appear again. The rest of it was all about musical references, sex or other things completely unrelated to any story. If I have time, I’ll sit down and rewatch S2 but I was left so unimpressed by it I can’t speak much of it.

Oh and I think the problem people had with the Punisher show was that it was so excruciatingly slow and opposite to what we saw of him in Daredevil that it drove people away. They wanted The Punisher from Daredevil, not this broody ex-military cookie cutter version of him, I suppose.

As for how Agents of Shield has such a high score, that last season was pretty damn good, but if that’s the score of an overall series than some people be on crack. I mean its a good show and all, but good lord? 90%? The first season was very rocky, end of it was when it became decent, season two was okay, season three become rocky again at the end (AIDA was a great plotline though), season four was alright…very unsteady tv show. I’m convinced the only reason it remains on air is because FitzSimmons is so damn popular among the fanbase.

As for Rotten Tomato…never trust them. I certainly do not.