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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Woah I really want to watch The Dragon Prince because of the same reasons as you, @Rhyagelle! So glad to hear you had fun, and it was especially nice to read how you felt about it in correlation with Avatar.

I’m currently finishing the new season of BoJack Horseman, one of my all-time favorite things, and then I’ll hop right into the bandwagon.

Speaking of BoJack, S05E06 was one of the most innovative things television had ever done.

As for movies, I’m currently partaking in a horror movie challenge in preparation for Halloween.

I use Letterboxd to log my movies. Here’s my list:

Hooptober 5.0: At Midnight I’ll Take Your Movies

Original list and challenge:
Hooptober Cinco: Your Terror is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key


Watched the Lego Batman movie yesterday. Wasn’t disappointed. Solid piece of entertainment, not too memorable, but a good time nonetheless.


Rewatching some Grimm.

I’m still very much sad that this one ended before its time. The ending wasn’t bad, but definitely felt way rushed. I’m of course happy it even got an ending in a day where shows are cancelled or left unanswered.

Also, gotta love Monroe and Rosalee. :relaxed:

Did you see The Lego movie yet? I watched it recently. I thought it was going to be a trashy kids’ movie but it was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it a lot for its silliness. :laughing:


How could it be trashy kids movie when Will Ferrel’S voicing Lord Business? So yeah, I’ve seen it, but thanks for the recommendation nonetheless! :smiley:


I cannot get enough of how In the Dark by Billy Squier is composed, especially the lyrics. There’s just something about it that I love so much.

True, true! :laughing:


After pushing it off for ages I finally got around to watching Black Panther. A pretty good movie, I recommend if your into marvel.

I also started watching One Punch Man, I was never into anime, and I’m still not, but it actually seems pretty good.


Just watched a little of this, but the channel overall is really good if you’re into uh… video games? Which we all should be, but it reminded me of how our generation is better than today’s.

Back then I was maybe 12 or something and Socom was among the first games I played online and with a headset. I was like “Underground is clear. Over. I need support. Over.”, because I felt like a soldier and treated the game as such. My cousin laughed at me for taking it so seriously, so did all other players probably - who can blame them.

Compare that to today where kids at that age insult your mother and question your sexuality.
Fuck humanity, man. :sweat_smile:


that’s just cuz they’re so sexually frustrated, lol

and that’s only cuz they’re so insecure about their own, lol


Well, yeah… but that’s beside the point. Back then kids were kids or maybe just the definition shifted into something worse. Anyway, I’m glad to consider myself a grumpy old man now!


well, yeah, but they are still kids (actually more so than back then), just less educated and mannered


Or is it that they are more educated and differently mannered?


What language (and instruments!) are you that you bring such serenity to my soul? For years I have sought you out and you have eluded me! A mystery I have wished to know the answer to since a child…must my life truly conclude without ever knowing you? :sweat_smile:

(gosh darn it, I did the double quote against despite canceling it out originally. It isn’t taking for some reason. -sigh-.)

You ever try Hunter x Hunter? Or Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex? Or Akira? Darker than Black? They aren’t your typical animes (loud, silly, screaming, over the top characters), so they may be more up your ally. They’re also extremely good.


To be honest I haven’t watched any anime ever (except 2 episodes of One Punch Man Just recently), if I remember correctly. So I can’t really form a opinion on any anime :expressionless:


u can trust me on the fact that they are not; as for their education, I spent almost 5 years teaching, and kids are way more ignorant generally speaking than they were back in the day, and as for their manners, it is a well-known fact that kids 25 years ago (26 in my case, when i was 12) did not wish each other cancer, nor insult each other’s mother, nor said they would rape or f her or whatever else they do today

as for the fact that they are more kids now than back than, that’s also just the continuation of a general evolution, used to be that a 12-year-old was able to hold a job and start a family and behave like a man (only a few generations before ours), now even some 25 year-olds are incapable of doing that; an 18-year-old is very much a kid still nowadays; that’s just the result of the fact that they are still being treated like kids in the modern system

u can easily say that every generation complains about the previous ones, that is true, but they actually have a right to do so, every new generation is actually worse than the previous one also (and better in some facets too, but worse in many), whether u realize that (and are willing to admit that especially) is a whole other matter


I don’t find that romanticizing the past seems to hold much water when you compare generational trends.

However, in an effort to prevent derailment, I am sending you a PM to continue this discussion.


I’m not about romanticizing anything dude, I merely stated some facts, and i think i said everything i had to say about the subject anyway



How did you know?? That must be a superpower you have.


EVERYONE is wrong apart from me…


I’m now currently reading ‘The Other Wes Moore’ as a school project seems rather interesting. Its about 2 people who grew up near each other and have the same name except one’s a criminal, and one is an author of the book.