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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



  • H.P. Lovecraft works
  • Willian Shakespeare’s Star Wars series


  • Entire Disney filmography


  • Same old stuff, OST’s plus some songs that I happen to like.


I actually normally stay away from film and TV, but today I saw the justice league movie, and without spoiling much I would say its very recommended ya’ll go watch it, Jason momoa is very sexy man he make me go NNNFFF in the movie theatre…

Im off track now.

Jason momoa…





justice league good, it was very well directed, STILL DEVIATED FROM THE COMICS so perfectionists stay away, they mucked it up a little bit but the original method umm took too long xD they rushed it. weirdly, it just felt out of place, like they were making a Ras al gul and stopped it.


Haven’t seen it but I’m surprised to hear you say it was well directed given that it had two directors with very different styles.

100% agree on Momoa, he and Gal’s Wonder Woman are the reason I’ll watch it eventually.


For me Justice League was average, it wasn’t bad, it just felt a little disjointed and very rushed. I am glad they put a bit more humor in and the acting was fine (as good as Jason Mamoa is I am not so sure about the surfer bro personality he puts on half the time). But yeah, things just happen and happen real quick, I wish they had spent some more time developing the characters a bit more (especially the new ones that haven’t had their own movie) and that there was a bit more conflict within the group as I felt when that helped with a bit of character development and finding their feet as a group. It was better than some of the DC movies that have been out recently but I feel they have more room to improve. I must say I enjoyed Thor Ragnarok more that Justice League.


Yes - as usual it bears a superficial likeness to the film. Like the Martian it’s a first person narration.


:blush: yes, and yes i did :blush: (and it’s sooo good that expansion, imo)


The Room is an artistic masterpiece


UPDATED: 12/01/18

Reading -
apart from a bunch of manga (like Horimiya, Nisekoi, Nichijou, Ranma, Kagerou Daze, Short Cake Cake and Real Account) i’m about half-way through Battle Royale and have started the Zaregoto series by NisioisiN

Watching -
K-On!!: Loved the first season and want more of that basically

Listening - While i still haven’t found that new band or artist yet that has blown me away i have been listening to a few things i can recommend whole-heartedly

The Metal Gear Rising: Revengance OST: makes me want to buy a sword to fling around and slice stuff with, just bloody good rock music that makes you wanna get up and do shit.
The Sonic Mania OST: while in a different genre entirely from the MGS soundtrack this still manages to get me pumped.
Beck: no one song to recommend here, they’re all pretty solid
Block B / BTS: putting both K-Pop bands into one section here, i wanna get into k-pop more but for the time being these guys are pretty bloody good
Fake Type: A severely underrated japanese band, sadly on indefinite hiatus now, but made some damn good hip-hop / rap songs
Hamilton: its hamilton, what more needs to be said
Polkadot Stingray: good shit yo

andddd a bunch of other bands that i cant be arsed to write down, these are just guys i found recently/think deserve a mention

oh god that was long im sorry.

actually while im here heres some good games to play too:
Metal Gear Rising: Revengance: its a platinum games game, its good, what do you expect
SUPERHOT: something something superhot in all caps
VA-11 HALL-A: holy shit this game is great
Watch_Dogs: yeah i know the first one is pretty bad but i got it for free and its honestly like… okay?

i need to play more games really, i have quite a few sitting in my library from past sales that ive yet to play, and probably never will play, woops.

okay im done here

woops not yet
EDIT: wanna add something for music, the website hosts some bloody brilliant music and is all round just a pretty chill website

UPDATE FOR BNHA: i fucking love this shit holy crap this is g r e a t


I finished Metal Gear Rising a few weeks ago and I keep playing it because I enjoy a lot replaying the boss fights and trying to finish them with no damage.


Let me know what you think about it once you watch it but I really liked this show. What happens to Midoriya when he uses his quirk is a refreshing twist on the standard shonen anime in season 1. And I like how season 2 not only fleshes out Midoriya’s character more but also many of the side characters as well. If you like shonen style anime with a little high school stuff this is a definite one to watch.


Just finished the aforementioned Blood, Sweat and Pixels (good read but not sure it merits re-reading) and have started Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (because I’ve been meaning to for a while and everyone says it’s awesome). Also would like to have read the book before they release the film.

Saw Dunkirk last night too. Good film, subdued and atmospheric ensemble piece, although it probably resonates more with you if you’re from the UK. Unusually normal for a Nolan work too.


Oh man I watched Dunkirk today, really enjoyed it, I got so close to crying a few times but I really didn’t want to because I was expecting a call at any moment from my boss and didn’t want to be sobbing into the phone.

I only wish I knew it was kinda non-linear before watching it. It said at the beginning Mole one week, Sea one day and Air one hour but I took that as travel time (though I wondered why the Mole was so long) but I think it was to reference point in time, it was a bit confusing as I initially thought everything was happening simultaneously, it clicked when a rescued character was on another boat but that had to be near halfway in the movie at that point.

The music was fantastic and the limited dialogue conveyed so much more than if everyone was constantly shouting at each other. The acting was great Mark Rylance (the gentleman on the boat heading to Dunkirk), my bebe Tom Hardy, Kenneth Brannagh is always good and I didn’t even realise that kid was Harry Styles until the movie was over.

Nolan really is a great film maker, his only misstep for me is Interstellar.


It’s amazing to think that a fleet of small civilian pleasure and fishing boats rescued over 300,000 soldiers.

I loved Interstellar! Thought it was really good, although not quite as amazing as the other space film starring Matt Damon that year.


Re-reading actually, The Elenium series by David Eddings, I find that I always go back to his books about once every two years or so.

I do not watch much TV, usually just videos on YouTube, since I find it difficult to sit down for extended periods of time just to watch things on TV. The last TV series that I watched was a binge run of House M.D. and before that was Numbers.

Been using iHeartRadio on my phone and mostly listening to classical music stations, though been tuning in more to the Christmas tunes as that has been turned up in the office by some colleagues. :slight_smile:


Finished watching The Shield now…ended well. Started on The Sopranos…not sure how I feel about it tbh…


The Sopranos? Been a long time since I’ve seen that show. The first season was meh but it got a lot better after that.


I’d rather list my favorites of the year…

My top 15 songs released in 2017:

15 - W&W ft Vini Vici - Chakra
14 - Everything Everything - Night of the Long Knives
13 - Ionnalee/Iamamiwhoami - Samaritan
12 - BTS - Not Today
11 - Lil Peep - Benz Truck
10 - Ry X - Bad Love
9 - The Preatures - Girlhood
8 - Milky Chance - Ego
7 - Cosmo Pyke - Chronic Sunshine
6 - Phoenix - Ti amo
5 - Iglooghost - God Grid
4 - Unlike Pluto - Everything Black
3 - French Montana - Unforgettable
2 - Nothing More - Don’t Stop
1 - Don Broco - T-Shirt Song

Books I’ve read: Tell No One, Arsene Lupin, A Monster Calls, Ready Player One, Mistborn, The Book of Lost Things.
Comic Books: Blacksad, Skulduggery Pleasant, Jupiter’s Legacy, Promethea.

Movies: I think I haven’t watched a single movie at all, I’ve played a lot of skyrim instead :sweat_smile:

Shows: Apart from the basic stuff, I’ve watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which is a very long but glorious old school anime!


I seriously cannot get enough of the Bastion soundtrack -


I’m currently halfway through 2nd season of Stranger Things and I’m delighted with how bleak it is so far, the first season was all about this mystery of what’s going on but it seemed to always have kind of a positive note to everything they were always progressing in some way. That is not at all the case here, it’s all just going to shit every episode and I’m loving it. I hope the world ends.

I listen to my entire music library on random most of the time so there’s rarely anything specific on at any given time. But now and then something really digs into your head and you keep listening to it over and over. Recently that’s been this rather odd thing

Soundtrack from an ancient anime redone in a disco style. Give it a whirl.

As for reading… I’ve been reading IRC. Full of weird characters, the story is a mess and makes no sense the best of times. The grammar is atrocious, sentence structure very lose and punctuation near nonexistent. Could not recommend


I’m loving Tally Hall and Rob Cantor’s music right now.