What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?

It would be cool if there would be a way to share my spotify ‘liked’ songs as some sort of playlist to you but there seems to be none.

About 'dat death metal. I’m not a big fan of plain Death Metal as well but Melodic Death Metal is pretty nice as far as i’m concerned . Give these a listen and maybe something will stick?

Personally i dont consider Amon Amarth to be melodic death metal but internet does :smiley:

This is not some kind of ‘melodic death metal’ essentials or anything , just few tunes i’ve enjoyed throughout years.


oooh… a sloth of utter cuteness posted me shinies… gonna give a listen once I hunt down some nuts. They roll an awful lot. >.<


1st video: nix
2nd and 3rd: okay, okay
4th: ding! ding! LOVE it!


Okey, so it seems you enjoy 'dem Folk Metals more.

Let’s see. Maybe these?

and something from my very own Lithuania , our Pagan Metal . It is pretty good , no wonder we have been last Pagans in Europe. Lyrics is in Lithuanian but trust it me , it is very Pagan and very Metal :smiley:


Synthwave, darksynth, cybersynth, synth genres, retro, retro electro, dreamwave, future funk, nu disco and house…so many good genres…so many good songs.


@DontBeSilly Finally took some minutes to listen.

I love Wooden Pints. It so fun. The Pagan Metal, I like the music a lot. It somehow reminds me of System of a Down, the rapid styling of the words. The middle one, just didn’t feel that one.

@Rhyagelle Those synths were pretty cool. Background music for a chill day.


She also has a Bandcamp nowadays:


Thanks to @carvalho20ptc I went down a 90’s rabbit hole…Help!!! :exploding_head:


Modern throwback for @delenn13


I just rewatched Arcane. I love it too much, I guess, but I am NOT sorry. :rofl:

I also watched some Evil, which is fantastic, and binged a ton of stuff on Paramount+ (got that 7 day trial). It’s weird how much more content this has than Hulu. lol

Also learned that HBO just axed a ton of stuff, including Raised by Wolves, because of the Discovery merger granted that CEO more power. Super sad. :frowning:

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Just watched the Prey (Predator) movie.


It’s so good. I think I like it more than the original, which I didn’t think could be possible. It was great!!!


Stressed. Supposed to attempt new things tomorrow.

Read Heartstopper on Webtoons as suggested by @AcornAvenger. It’s is truly adorable and I related way too much to one of the MCs, but it’s a really good experience. Currently on Hiatus - a good thing for the author, who works on multiple projects at the same time.

Heartstopper is a nice series on Netflix and perhaps will have a second season. The comic takes you much further into the story.


I guess i’ll give it a go then if it something more than just a Predator for Woke crowd.


I opened Star+ and saw a new movie, checked it out, it was related to predator, watched, enjoyed.

I think a lot of stuff is “woke” if you let others put that idea on your head. Sure there are some extreme cases, but today everything people make it seem like it’s bad. This movie doesn’t seem to be based on any already existing content other the franchise itself, as far as I’m aware.


There’s nothing woke about the Prey movie. If being a woman in movies is woke to people, I don’t know what to say to that. :sweat_smile: it’s a great movie, and I recommend it. I also recommend giving one watch through in Comanche! :slight_smile:


Well a lot of things are because that sells these days. If someone creates original idea or adapts real life story to a quality piece of media to represent a specific group of people , that is totally fine with me. Heck one of the best movies i’ve seen in recent years was Green Book .

But nah , because that takes time and effort .It is way easier to butcher existing franchizes and replace everyone with racially and sexually diverse casts because you can then milk both groups. People who grew up with these movies/games and will consume anything with that brand attached while also milking ‘woke’ people because REPRESENTATION and all.

Sorry if my opinion might be a bit savoury on this matter but i’m really really tired of this awful trend.

Just look at that Lord of the Rings TV show coming out… LOTR is probably my favorite piece of media ever but even Middle Earth is not safe from corporation meddling.


It’s not a remake or anything like that to the original movie, or any of its pre-existing sequels. It’s simply an addition to the franchise.

I can understand forcing all sorts of changes just to appeal to corporate social needs, that is annoying, but the whole “woke” thing has gone far beyond what it originally even meant. People are calling Prey woke because the main character is a Native American woman, and no other reason, because they think any time a woman is cast, and especially so if she isn’t white as snow, it’s done because they want to appeal to SJWs when in reality that’s not the case.

I wasn’t born when Alien originally came out, but I bet people said “oh, god, what is this propaganda? A woman outwitted that thing and all the men acted like idiots? Forced!” because, for some reason, by default women are not allowed to do these things in media (tv, movies, games, books, anime etc) unless it was “done to be progressive”. In complete opposite though, if all the women in Alien had acted idiotically and only the men were outwitting the alien or doing awesome stuff, it’s “oh wow thats so cool”.

That’s the problem here, really. That people think that every or most instances of a POC or woman character being put into something, is done not because the same reasons white people get roles in something, but something ultimately nefarious in its intentions, rather than the creators just having a vision and going with it.

A good example of forced alteration to appeal to that can be found in many places, of course. Wheel of Time, for example, or the atrocious writing of Queen Calanthe from Netflix’s Witcher (guzzling beer, burping, obnoxious, beats every man around her without explanation etc). But I wouldn’t compare that to something like making a black Spider-Man in the form of Miles Morales, or even making Predator’s latest killer a NA woman.

It’s almost like women and minorities are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. We’re just not allowed to do anything or its woke/bad. :skull: