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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



and much of this thread:
1 - Tristis
will be listening lots of that today


Have you listened to their new album?


yea, saw it after @Animosity posted it, it’s good, Descending might be my favourite from that album, but it’s hard to determine/sit down on one with a shifting mood


A lot of the Naruto openings and endings had really good songs.


First off, I implore anyone who has not seen FLCL to go watch it, it’s great, and its unrelated spin off sequel, Progressive, and Alternative, which is a spin off sequel to Progressive, and is also unrelated to FLCL and Progressive. I guess you could call them spin off’s since they are unrelated to FLCL for the most part. Watch FLCL first before Progressive and Alternative.

Here’s the link to go watch them all.


Now, something other than music this time from me. I’ve already watched FLCL a long while ago, probably back when TiVo was around, yeah anyone remember that? Now I’m working through FLCL Alternative and have already watched Progressive and I’m about to start on episode 4 for Alternative.

So far, I quite liked Progressive, and Alternative has been decent so far. Neither beat FLCL though, (even though they are unrelated) not even close.

Here’s the episode I’m on.


In 1969 five young musicians, all of them still relatively unknown to the general public - but destined to become international artists of the highest rank - came together to play Schubert’s Trout Quintet in the new Queen Elizabeth Hall, on the south bank of the Thames, in London. Their names: Daniel Barenboim, ltzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zukerman, Jacqueline du Pré and Zubin Mehta.

The concert took place on August 30th and I guessed that it would pass into legend in time. And so the obvious thing to do was to make a film about it because film remembers our artists and their artistic personalities in a way that not one of the other media is quite able to match. (…)

The resulting film, The Trout, was to become almost certainly the most frequently broadcast classical music film ever made. When it was broadcast for the eighth time in Germany, on 25 May 1994 on the ARTE network, it drew the biggest audience of all classical music transmissions on that network during the whole of the year - 25 years after it first appeared! It has become the best remembered emblem of a time in music which has gone, and seems to be forever gone.

The Trout (55 min)

Jacqueline is my all-time favorite cellist; Perlman, of all violinists currently alive, is the one I admire and look up to the most. An absolute joy of a movie for classical buffs.

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I’m watching The Finder. Found out too late into the show it was cancelled. And what a crime that should have been. This is a great show. Fox…why are you the way that you are?


I just watched the foreign firm A Separation. Absolutely gripping and worth watching. 5/5

The parents are going through a divorce and the dad hires a caretaker to look after his father. When the caretaker makes a mistake and the father with Alzheimer’s leaves the house, a moral problem unravels and each side accuses the other of wrongdoing.

This movie was relatable to me because my parents do no get along.



Everyone needs more rock ballads (kinda?) in their lives right?

I love how soulful this singer is.


One of the most beautiful soundtracks for one of the most beautiful games out there . For me it is excellent way to relive all the good moments and memories this game brought me without replaying it for 3th time ( yes i’ve beaten it 2 times on 2 different platforms lol ) .


Last week I picked up and finished Demon slayer/Kimetsu no yaiba and it’s kind of an annoying let down of a series. There’s definitely a decent story to be found here, the style, art and animation is all top notch, the sound track is just outstanding but holy fucking hell is this thing padded to near pointlessness. It feels like the production team intended to fit another story ark into this season and by all means they should have, because the end story ark is super weak and the teaser for the upcoming movie at the end suggests there was something better they just didn’t get around to this time around.

It has a couple of other serious issues as well one of which is that 2/3 of the main characters are annoying and stupid to a level that just doesn’t make any level of sense. The yellow brat gets on my nerve in his first 5s and stays there the whole fucking time. The beast dude at least has the sense to get his shit together when they’re in a life threatening situation, but that’s the only good thing I can say about him.

Secondly the writing is just plain terrible unfortunately. Characters fishing up special powers from their past or from previous training when they’re in a pinch is rather standard fare in a lot of media. Good writers put foreshadowing in that lends the get-out-of-jail free card the characters pull out their arse this time at least some legitimacy and grounding. What you DON’T do is break the fight up in the middle, show us a flashback to something that’s never been even remotely hinted at previously and pretend like that’s a good reason for whatever BS they need to survive the encounter.

I’m rather annoyed with this series because I feel like it could have been something great. I feel like the artists who created the graphical and musical aspects of this series should have spent their efforts on a script worth their time. I loathe that there doesn’t appear to have been an editor around capable enough to guide this writer into fully realizing the potential this story had. Though I suppose It could be that manga is better structured and sensibly written and the anime adaptation rewrite is what messed it up.


yea this was one of my nerve hitting points with the series, when they started doing that i was all "no, no, don’t be like black clover, don’t you fn dare start doing that same shit too"
but overall i really liked kimetso tho, even tho i can’t really disagree much with your points/gripes, i think it then becomes “how big is XYZ deal” to someone. For me it was okay tolerable, (i like the story and it’s so dang gorgeous), because it kept me edged on to the next moment, and was kinda annoyed it ended so soon, despite it all.
I think Black Clover has greatly increased my padding and character tolerance, because that show grinds my knuckles white on almost a bi-monthly basis :joy:


NO! Not only do I see complaints against Demon Slayer but…but Black Clover too?! MY HEART! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Demon Slayer definitely has its issues, never read the manga, but I rather liked it despite its issues (a shame a S2 won’t exist to fix those issues). Not as much as I like Black Clover though, which strangely enough is what I’ve been watching. :joy:


I dropped Black Clover real early because I couldn’t stand the protagonist screaming all the time, even in Kimetsu no Yaiba with the scenes where Zenitsu screams like a mf is annoying as hell, now imagine that every single episode…


I almost dropped the anime for the same reason! That voice makes it even worse! lol it is far less obnoxious in the dub (they dumb it down to certain instances), but Asta is supposed to be really annoying and loud. The characters comment on it all of the time and make fun of him for it, but I think they really made it worse in the anime. But I totally get it being a turn off. Whenever I watch the anime, I can barely get through Asta’s “power scenes” because he’s constantly screaming at the end of his sentences more than a typical Japanese manga hero. And I thought Naruto yelling Sasukeeeeeeeeeeeeee was bad. :joy:

If the anime screams are annoying to you though, I really suggest the manga. I love it far more than the anime, and the art is 10000x better and you get the story unfiltered/cluttered plus you do not get the screaming in your ears every single combat scene. Tabata is also a great story teller. How he constructs his world and his powers (his magics per tomes/grimoires) are really engaging. You can tell he has planned it all out from the start, and that no one has a “useless” power because everything is useful in its own way.

I remember thinking One Piece was utter trash because S1 anime art was utter garbage, but 7 years later I went through it—as hard as it was lol—and ended up loving it to pieces. I just think it would be a shame if you didn’t give the series a good shot because of the screaming, I think its a really good manga. :blush:


Quick Art Comparison

Manga art:

Anime Version:

I mean…no competition! xD


Don’t get me wrong, the reason I’m so annoyed with Yaiba is because I really enjoy the good parts of it. If it was just bad I wouldn’t have watched all of it, or bothered writing about it.

I have not seen Black clover but it looks interesting enough, though I tend to stay away from series that goes on in perpetuity so I’ll probably not watch it. Writing loud and obnoxious characters is very hard and risky, it doesn’t really help that it’s intentional when you’ve set out to be annoying. It’s almost stupid for your MC to be annoying because that’ll make your work itself annoying. I don’t even know how one could mitigate that problem. As you’ve pointed out though it’s easier in a written medium as that allows the reader more options to filter annoyances out.


Rex Navarrete FTW Baby!


Right now, this one, over and over. It’s SO DAMN GOOD!



Thanks so much.