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what are the little 'seen' things called? (i think its solved)


you know the thing that appears in messaging(in messanger for sure but it exists in other platforms as well to my knowledge) when the person on the other end opens your message but does not reply yet and there is a little word ‘seen’ written under the message
i recall this occurance has a name but cant seem to remember it
not the predicament im looking for the name of the feature
please help

i tried googleing but did not manage to find out much, i dont even know how to look for it :frowning:

so rykos solved my problem but if you think you know a better name for them or you’d like to chellenge yourself to come up with a creative name please go right ahead


Are you looking for the word ‘check mark’?


notification? in Viber it’s just called “seen status” and apparently on WhatsApp it’s called “last seen status”


no :smiley: but thank you anyway

@M00 thank you maybe there is not really a name that i was thinking of :frowning: i mean these ones you have do not ring a bell


Aren’t they called read receipts?


thats more like it


Glad I could help :grin:


lol, I hate those moments… well they are funny but gotta hate those moments!.. when you “know” what something is called, on the tip of your tongue, in the back of your mind OR when you are trying to explain something but jusssst cannot spit it out where no one looks at you all funky, hehe

Life rocks… have an :green_apple: