What about reducing the price of games that were in the shop for a long time?



I think slowly raising the price would be better, :smile_cat:
-with a countdown timer ticking down to show. :joy_cat:
Creates a sense of urgency and should spur people on to get in on the action faster. Because holding out means it would get slowly more costly, to get what could already have been claimed for less. :smile_cat:

i don’t think people should be rewarded with even cheaper free games, just for holding out really long,
-even if a game isn’t quickly sold out,
or is really, really slow to get claimed :ghost:

let the people(or bots) that really want a game “pay” what it costs to get it, :confused:
so the value doesn’t get depreciated and everyone just picks everything willy-nilly, even something they might not had wanted at all,

  • but just grabbed it it because it was free and because they could. Essentially “taking” a copy away from another, that might actually have appreciated it and gotten something out of it (limited keys and all that)

anyways, as always this is entirely up to @Chrono.gg to decide how they deem it best to handle certain :wink: games, but personally i don’t think it would be a positive to lower prices in such fashion at least.
Reconsidering initial launch price at times, before going live, might be a worthwhile note tho… mayhaps… :thinking:


Nooooo! Can you imagine…


sorta creates some exclusivity
“Poop, -for the rich only” :joy_cat:

people be trading Poop in couple of years as if bitcoin, just much more precious and expensive :smile_cat:


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