We're not all from America here People

Because of a misunderstanding on a certain other thread on here, I felt I needed some explanation so you folks can see where I’m coming from.

The reason I do not care for the issue at hand which was the Facebook-Cambridge debaucle is because it is absolutely irrelevant to me. I am not American, nor am I based in America. I am from a third world country the Philippines to be exact. And while you folks are deeply concerned with net neutrality, school shootings, invasion of internet privacy and an eccentric Multi-Billionaire President, we too and the rest of the world have our own issues and problems we are concerned about. America isn’t the center of nor the entirety of planet Earth. And FYI, just as a lot of westerners are shying away from social media, my countrymen are embracing it wholeheartedly as it lets us communicate with relatives who are based in or are working abroad. Having our internet histories and privacy eyed on by the government is a good enough trade for being in touch with family because that’s more important to us :slight_smile:


Guys… war is around the corner here… Before anything goes wrong, can we all tattoo up chrono coinrs on our foreheads so we don’t shoot each other okay?


I dont know what discussion you are talking about but are you sure most are from the US? Every country matters
I’m sorry you feel this way:(
I live in the Netherlands


Never say anything like that when I am drinking. I am going to have to do like @Gnuffi and have a towel by my PC.


I actually laughed, Thanks for that :joy:


That is fine and dandy and as @yoshirules pointed out…not everyone is from the US. Your comment was removed because you used coarse language and was rude. We can have a conversation but no need to get so riled up as you did…I had already asked you once to take a chill pill…


I think most of the people that I converse with are from Europe on the forums… I have made more overseas friends in the past 5 months here on Chrono than I have in reality because of a demanding work schedule.

I live in the US, several of us here do too. There are those from Canada, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Australia, etc, those are the ones I know of on these forums who are here regularly… And we now know you are from the Philippines, and that’s fantastic too.

This is the internet… We are all netizens here, being nice and courteous to each other seems like the appropriate thing for all of us. Who knows when we will run into each other in reality.


I know cuz I tried buying Steam gifts for a few people, Steam doesn’t want my money apparently, won’t let me complete the gift purchases because of exchange rates making it so that they don’t earn as much money as they would otherwise…

Also, I apologize to anyone whose country I forget about… I love you all…


Psst…You forgot Australia and Brazil and probably many more!!!


[quote="delenn13, post:6,] because you used coarse language and was rude. We can have a conversation but no need to get so riled up as you did…I had already asked you once to take a chill pill…

And I finally did. In fact I stopped viewing that article altogether.

What I do not appreciate though is some random anon force feeding me crap I do not care for in the very least and calling me ignorant and such.

I got reprimanded for using coarse language? Fine, but don’t force feed me crap and call me ignorant.

You have said what you wanted to say…I hope and it ends here…

Closing this thread because it will only digress…