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WeGame X made a Stealth launch in early April.


I’ve been following The Tencent owned pc game launcher WeGame since last summer and heard near then end of last year that they opened a private beta to Honk Kong residents for the International version of WeGame now Officially known as WeGame X, last night i just heard about it and gave the Eula and stuff a read and so far it seems decent nothing really bad caught my eye but one thing that did caught my eye was that Tencent itself was barely mentioned in any of the legal documents it looks like they are taking a somewhat off hand approach to this and allowing the Honk Kong company Entropy ( what i assume is there company) take control I’m guessing because Hong Kong has some better laws compared to main land China. and the launcher itself is kinda bare bones at the moment & has only about 30 games on the store, but the features it has so far are pretty good its already better then the Epic launcher, It has reviews,forums, a profile like steam has and a very similar return policy that Steam has with only some minor changes like the Dev’s can decide if they want there game to be refundable or not, and it will tell you if it is or not on the games store page. so far its decent and maybe with more time it would be a real competitor to steam and epic.


cant use my psw manager to input secure password… i guess that’s a pass for me but i like the idea tho


Yeah its a little wonky I’m guessing its a bug maybe, i had to enter my generated password manually.


tell me how you find it, i might make an account if i hear good thing about it… also who restrict password size to 16 characters…


what do you mean?

yeah that’s kinda stupid.


i mean you made an account and probably tried the platform what do you think about it?


oh sorry, I sorta gave my opinion up top, but i’ll give you a little more in-depth opinion, so far it is quite decent its like a lite version of steam almost, it has pretty much the same features as steam so far like profiles,forums,reviews,ect. with a nice lite and vibrant feel to it but it has a pretty small store so far with only about 30 games on sale and only some having English translations and only 2 games that a free well one is free and the other is a trial, i played the trial game which was Death Coming and i didn’t really get to use there overlay because it was the same key as Nvidia Geforce Experience but after changing the key binding its pretty much standard stuff like FPS counter and notifications and stuff, so WeGame X might have a real chance to be a true competitor in the game launcher/store market, so far it is better then Epic’s game store even tho it has less games but that’s mostly because Wegame is like in open beta stage so they wont have many games anyways but i could see it being popular & i hope it does at least gains a little traction in the PC gaming market.