Weekend Giveaway: The Tower of Beatrice [ENDED]

Hi all,
I don’t like to post topics, normally @YQMaoski does this. But he has been so busy at work, he didn’t had time to post the giveaway. So I created this one, but tbh I copied and pasted a lot from the older giveaways :smile:
Our curator group Steam Curator: IndieGems got a key to giveaway to you
For this game (I really liked it a lot)

The dev is hoping to get some attention to his game.

And it would be nice if you could follow us at the above mentioned page, but this is not a commitment you need to make or a requirement to enter for this Giveaway.

Rules are simple:

  • Speak up and state that you want a copy, please tell us why you want to play this game.
  • RNG drawings to be done after this weekend, on Monday, November 12, 2018 at around the same time as the Chrono page deal refreshes.
  • RNG drawings to be done by discobot rolls.
  • Have at least 8 Badges
  • Be a member for at least two weeks
  • Winners to be notified by PM for notification.
  • You will then have 24 hrs to respond to PM and obtain a key.

If you happen to win a game, please think about and leaving a Steam store review, positive or negative, just be honest, after you have spent a little time with the game. But once again, not a requirement at all.

Good luck everybody!

Winner has been notified!


I’d like a chance to win a copy. I like room escape games. I’ve played through the Zero Escape games before and they were all fun.

Thanks for doing the giveaway.


And don’t forget to read and rate up yoshirules’ review -


I’d like to enter!
I hadn’t heard of this game before, but it looks nice, and based on your review, it sounds like something I’d enjoy! I’d like to play more escape-the-room/puzzle combos, I enjoyed the… two? I’ve played. Most games with these elements are “proper” point-and-click adventures with more focus on the story and dialogue than I care for when I just want to solve some puzzles xP


I think I could like this game, I do like puzzle games and using my brain in games (it makes me feel smarter). Thankyou @yoshirules for bringing to my attention.


I want a copy of this game, “Unique puzzles from simple to brain wrecking + A lot of allusions to famous games, movies and books – recognize them all”, that’s why.
Thanks, have a nice day!


I’d be interested purely because, at any given moment, at least 80% of my brainpower is allocated to thinking about witches and wizards :sparkles:


Not entering but thanks for the giveaway. I enjoy reading ALL your reviews and I have learned about a bunch of games from all of you… @yoshirules, @YQMaoski and @dkny :+1:t2:


I’ve been maxed out with work and life the last few weeks but I had an itch to check out the community today. Boy am I glad I did as I get a chance to Win!! :smiley:

Thank you very much for this opportunity - always fun!


–just so happens my birthday is on Nov12, too. My birthday power will make that bot choose happiness! :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! Witches and Wizards!!! :crown::dolls:


Put me in for that giveaway. Games with puzzles are always awesome. And it has lots of puzzles from what I see. Looks cool.


hey, thanks for the chance to win this one.

id like to enter the giveaway cause i really enjoy playing hidden object games, solve puzzles/mysteries, and click and point games to relax in between other more action paced games. and this one seems really interesting.

good luck all!


I would like to participate, thanks for the chance! :slight_smile: I like room escape / puzzle games, this one I didn’t know but I read your review and it seems interesting. So count me in!


I’d love to enter as well! :smiley: I love these kinds of games - I used to play a tooon of escape rooms back as a young teen and it would be great to relive that nostalgic feeling :sunflower:


I’d love to enter this as well! I used to play a lot of those flash “Escape the Room” type games so this is right up my ally!