Weekend Giveaway: Once Upon a Dungeon (Ended)

Good Morning Chronies! (Or whatever time of the day you read this)

Have you seen this game in your browsing adventures on the Steam store or elsewhere?

Let me start by also saying that @yoshirules and I are part of a new curator group on Steam: IndieGems.

Why the background story, you ask? Well, simply because we have several keys for this game that we would like to distribute because the developer was nice enough to send us some spare keys, hoping to get a bit more attention to his game.

And it would be nice if you could follow us at the above mentioned page, but this is not a commitment you need to make or a requirement to enter for this Giveaway. Also this is our Steam group page: IndieGems

Rules are simple:

  1. Speak up and state that you want a copy, please tell us why you want to play this game.
  2. RNG drawings to be done after this weekend, on Monday, May 14, 2018 at around the same time as the Chrono page deal refreshes.
  3. RNG drawings to be done by discobot rolls.
  4. Winners to be notified by PM for notification.
  5. You will then have 24 hrs to respond to PM and obtain a key.

No bars for entry, because the developer wants the game out there, to be played and to be enjoyed. If you happen to win a game, please think about and leaving a Steam store review, positive or negative, just be honest, after you have spent a little time with the game. But once again, not a requirement at all.

Good luck everybody!


Best of luck!


I want to play this game cause it seems intresting and fun. I want a copy.


Good luck everyone, and I’d love to win this game because I really like roguelike/adventure/dungeon based games!


Good luck to you two then. Hope you won’t lose steam(actual steam :wink:) along the way. Usually see a lot of curators getting bored with it eventually.

Your curator page has a massive amount of followers compared to it’s young existence. :+1:

I wanna try the game out because i love to harshly judge single man developers who has no experience in the medium. :rofl:
But joke aside. Always fun to see new people making games. I would much rather support aspiring new souls, than ‘ancient’ mass producing factory’s like Blizzard, EA or Microsoft. But i still wanna critique the guy fairly. Of course.


Thank you very much!

@yoshirules worked her magic there… I only joined after Yoshi and her friend got it up and running, since I like to write about games that I play.

That’s all anyone can ask for, constructive criticism to improve in any way possible. It’s how we all can improve.

I haven’t played the game yet, but according to Yoshi, it’s much more playable now compared to before, so she played it twice a few months ago and now, and there’s been a lot of improvements, which is nice to see…


This game looks…interesting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So I will not be entering.
Thank you for a great giveaway. Best of luck to everyone


I want to play Once Upon a Dungeon, so that I can collect loot…That is a fun part of lots of differing games (RPG’s) to collect loot or some form of money like Gold, etc…


I would like a key because I love roguelikes. This one looks fun so I’d like to try it.


Not entering but I joined your group, seems cool!


Also how did you get so many followers, I’m also starting a new curator page but have failed to get any followers


Could you also give me suggestions on what to improve (name e.t.c)


I did absolutely nothing. To be honest. Yoshi and the group owner had a large number of followers already, they did work for other curator groups and had some fans already.


Great giveaway, @YQMaoski and @yoshirules! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:


I want this game I really like my rogue-like I feel like you can’t have to many.:slight_smile:


One more hour to enter, just in case anyone wanted this game…


I want it because me<3pixelgames/rpg


Thank you, @YQMaoski and @yoshirules !

Always glad to see support for indie games, especially for promising roguelikes like this!

I recently watched some playthrough videos of Dungeon Souls (still in Early Access) and DungeonUp on YouTube, and I have been hooked on checking out either one of those games ever since. If I could give “Once Upon a Dungeon” a test run using one of the spare keys :key: , that would be a welcome alternative!


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