We NEED to remove Poop In My Soup

This game has been on the shop for an eternity. We need to all work together and buy the game so it disappears and we get a new game in its place. I did my part, will you?


I don’t agree that its been up for that long and even if we do remove it it wont make it be replaced any faster as we are still on the 2 games every 2 weeks cycle, not sure what you are getting at here


Why? It will not do anything, only waste the coins if you do not like the game.


why do you think we get a “new game in it’s place”??
we get games on a biweekly schedule even if previous weeks game were sold out, and even if not
it staying up, while still getting claimed (even if slowly) is actually only good, both for Chrono and the current users that both want or dont want it

but ofc if you want to spend 3k coins on it, thats fine by me, saves me some Chroins so i can beat you to the finish line when they (hopefully) re-release Brigador :smile_cat:


That’s not how any of this works.
The store doesn’t have a slot limit. There’s still 2 games released biweekly for one game to have lasted for 2 weeks is not preventing anything. It’s not an awfully popular game but that just means that whoever does fancy it stands a chance to get it even if they started collecting coins the day it went up. Let those people have a key when they can, you “doing your part” only deprives someone else of the game, even if that person happens to show up 6 months from now.


I Agree.

I’m not gonna waste it on something I don’t want. It doesn’t change anything and you’ll still only get 2 games every 2 weeks.

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where is people getting that 2 games thingy from?
sometimes we get 3, optimism please people! :smile_cat:


I smell shitposting in my soup. Where’s my Lenny face when I need it?..

[quote=“Gnuffi, post:8, topic:4828”]
sometimes we get 3
[/quote]True, one can hope. But yeah as people have said it’s not like that game is holding a slot that would be filled, at least not as far as I understand.

Really not my cup of poop…


No one wants poop in their soup! Or do they? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

**There's Poop In My Soup** - The Truth

So I did my dues and played this game; if anyone is wondering if its worth it… Chrono.gg credits may best way of getting it as this game is so :poop: that I ended up 100% it in the achievements. After only .6 hours this game was one of the most satisfying yet shortest games i’ve ever played. Im not sure I would have actually paid money for it but after having played it it was completely worth the free credits I built up this past month. Its a game that lets you go back to being 14 and laughing about immature silly quirky game with a really catch soundtrack that would get really annoying if the game didn’t last half an hour. I have sent to friends as a joke and have gotten people into PC gaming due to the easy nature of this game.
So yes this game is worth it and it needs to get off the store so I can get a new game because now ive spent my .6 hours playing I need something new. :stuck_out_tongue:



Selling through games won’t add new ones any faster.

Nice to hear someone was brave enough to take the ‘plunge’ :stuck_out_tongue:

The game sells for only 99 cents on Steam - which is practically nothing. Getting it for free might seem like a good value but it’s really just throwing your coins ‘down the toilet.’ From a value standpoint, it would make more sense to buy the game and use/save the coins for something else.

If this was my introduction to PC gaming, I’d stick with consoles/iPhone :wink:


I have a feeling it’s going to stay in the shop through the next store rotation…probably the one after that too.

Well, we could always throw it in the…


ITS GONE 3/12/2017