We need an App or Some Kind of Notification Besides Email

I am having trouble getting in contact with people. It’s usually the younger ones because they don’t check their emails. As @Koroth said, last week, " I don’t check my email often. Is there an app?" Just some kind of messaging for phones would be nice.

I know you are all busy but could you add this to “The Honey Do” List?? We need to get with the times. :dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3:


For the main site, forums, or both?


I don’t really feel like it’s up to Chrono to go chasing after people to tell them about the deals. Sure getting yourself noticed is a prime objective of most businesses but for someone to install your app they would probably have to already be well familiar with chrono.

What would an app really do? Just send another notification for you to ignore? Why would someone keep that app running on their mobile device at all times? Or would it have some other sort of functionality that would incentivize it’s usage? You say want to get in contact with people so were you thinking of creating some sort of chrono specific instant messenger?

Just seems to me it’s hard to complain about not getting notified when you’re ignoring notifications and it’d be an awful lot of work to create an entirely new software platform because some people can’t be arsed to visit a site once a day.


I believe (and I could be wrong). but I think you can get the push notifications depending on your mobile browser every time a deal goes live and when the coin shop games are live.

At least last I checked this pushed notifications to me on mobile:


Yes I do believe that works too. Which furthers my point, there’s several options available already.

I don’t really know what it is Delenn wants though, if she wants to personally get in touch with people then I would suggest trying to reach them through steam or any other already available messaging system she can convince people to add her on. I just don’t see how a new one would make a difference.


Ah yes the totally reliable “You won a game!” Steam messages.



It’s not about deals. And it’s not personal.

Yeah, tell me about it.

I am going to bed…:sleeping:


Ehh but that’s Marketing 101 stuff… beside people can use it to never miss coins and who knows they might also get the game…


She’s asking for an app related to the forum itself I believe, not the sales themselves, something like getting a notification on your phone like the ones you could get with push notifications I guess.

To add to this, despite having them active, I don’t get notifications on my browser unless I have a tab with the site open on it, otherwise I’ll miss everything.


Ah, for the forums? The forum software is https://www.discourse.org/

I see mobile apps on the link above, but they aren’t rated that highly so I don’t know if they work or if they are just wrappers for the site.

There’s also plugins (Staff would have to install these) for push notifications for the forums which might be a cleaner solution rather than having yet another app. Discourse Push Notifications for Desktop - #20 - plugin - Discourse Meta


Yep! Believe it or not, some people hardly ever use a browser or check their email. I have 4 nephews in their late 20’s and they basically use apps and messaging programs.

Is there a way to combine it? It would have to be something that people have to opt in, of course.


Question is what though. Browser notifications would be nice for the forum for some I guess, especially ones that would work on a phone.

It is possible to turn on notifications just for specific emails in some applications, for people who want to do that. I still use email, I have to check it for important stuff so yeah.
Someone should really update email technology standards though, even if email clients are getting better the technology itself is archaic lol


My gmail will push notifications to my phone if Google’s algorithm identifies it as important.


I’ve been checking the site daily, and have been watching for things I am interested in or need to watch more frequently. At first I wasn’t reading my emails and I didn’t have my emails notifications set up since I don’t see the actual notification messages on my notification bar for my phone. It’s true that I am not an email user but, that’s just me. I haven’t cleaned my inbox so, that’s my own fault. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t check as well or doesn’t have their notifications set up right or just get’s way too many emails and everything get’s lost in all the mass of emails. That’s what it seems to be in my case. But, Fraggles does make some good points such as mentioning that an app or some other form of notification system wouldn’t really help. It really does come down to individuals checking their emails or at least having their notifications set up properly, but nobody’s perfect. Just thought I would chime in since I was mentioned in this topic. Sorry if this caused anyone trouble. Guess I got to set up some things.