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We are dwarves 95% discount [ended]



I thought some of you might be interested in this


showing full price here.


yes it was a limited time thing, I was so excited to get a deal that I found on the forum before anyone else, I did forget that minor detail :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it recently… yep, -90% sale on steam right now
PS Wow, this game has a 90% discount almost every month for a week or two. I haven’t seen many games discounted so heavily and so consistently.


the game did not do so well, :grimacing:
like despite frequent bundles, 2 years of constant 90% sales, it still doesn’t seem to have cracked 100k owners on steam spy. And can’t imagine many of those were “initial/non-discounted sales” either… o.0

… come to think of it, i actually believe i have a spare copy from a recent bundle even :thinking: