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Way to tell how many days you’ve been on consecutively


I’ve been on the road to devotee for around a quarter of a year now and am petrified I missed a day and that it could set me back 100 days. And so I went digging around in my profile but could only see how many days I’ve been on in total. So is there anyway I can see the consecutive amount of days I’ve been on and reset it every time I miss a day?


dude, i missed that badge by missing a day only a few weeks before i would have gotten it, rofl


Not currently, sorry… It’s just something you got to hope for not having missed any days.


Why on earth would you leave Chrono? Just leave it open 24/7!


wait, you sayin you aren’t actually here 24/7 … ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
smh… :disappointed: