Watch for Cheap/Free Wishlisted Games On GOG on Monday

Either watch for this or go crazy and wishlist everything you want…I wish I had the time to do that…LOL:sweat:

Anyone else notice they did NOTHING for Easter??? Or did I sleep through it???:sleeping:


I don’t recall anything major from them for Easter either. :thinking:


Time to go make a GOG wishlist then. More free games that I really want to play and need to carve out time for is always fun.


I don’t really search around the gog store and wishlist stuff, usually just look up if the game in question is cheaper on Steam or gog.(no need to check elsewhere :laughing:)
But should probably do it when i get home sunday.
You @delenn13, always keeping up with everything, sharing the pie of sweet discounts. Bless you. :pray:

Edit: Oops, meant sunday.


One thing I like about GOG is the extras you get. For example, I find it much more worthwhile to buy Zork from GOG rather than Steam.

But I’ll some stuff to my GOG wishlist for sure just in case.

Thanks for the insightful tips as always, @delenn13 dear. :yellow_heart:


Gawd time to finally visit GOG again after not doing so for like a year+.

Is neverwinter nights 2 good? I can only find it on GOG and it looks like I could kill some dozens of hours wt it. It’s scratching the limit for my need for minimum 3D graphic fidelity.

Maybe I should rather go wt Baldur’s gate?


Nwn2 is pretty good, not as good as the first one. It’s real slow at the start though, actually it goes at a pretty slow pace throughout. You should be prepared to put a bit more than just a few dozen hours into it.

edit: @anon74641759 I’d like to clarify though if you’re looking to get Neverwinter nights I can not by any means recommend the “enhanced edition” by beamdog recently released. Get the diamond edition from GOG, it’s the proper version of a most excellent game.

This goes for every other game beamdog has put their incompetent mitts on as well.


My GOG wishlist got halved during this last Xmas sale, now it’s back to its former glory… dang it :sweat_smile:


Pst… it’s monday


All I am getting is emails with a few discounts on my WL…Anyone else???


I didn’t even get that.
There’s sale on though and they claim titels that were most wishlisted are being featured, but it looks like mostly the same old stuff as always to me.


A couple of emails, that’s about it for me too.

They did mention it was only going to be top 150, didn’t really notice a big change myself, but i guess they did what they did.

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On twitter they said they are rolling out the free games this weel, they only starting rolling it out today, it should take some time