War of the Human Tanks - Closed

I bought a bundle from Groupees which included the game War of the Human Tanks - ALTeR. The game looks pretty cool, but it’s a sequel and I want to play the original game first.

The original War of the Human Tanks has been included in a number of bundles over years, and I am wondering if anyone here has a leftover key you wouldn’t mind trading. I have about 20 keys (of similar value) from various bundles that I would be more than happy to trade. I will even trade 2-3 games for one.

If you are interested, post here or pm me and I will let you know what games I have available. For those who have no idea what War of the Human Tanks is:

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hope you get to trade one of your spare keys, best of luck with it :thumbsup:

in case you don’t, it’s still bundled over on bundlestars Strategy Heroes 2 Bundle | Fanatical for 3 dollars
it’s maybe a meh bundle that will just result in you having yet more spare keys to trade
but it does have Worms tho, a possible nostalgia trip, so there’s at least that lol :smile_cat:


I put in a few trade offers on Groupees but don’t seem to be having any luck. Having previously made a few trades with the fine folks of the Chrono Community, I thought I’d give it a shot here before caving in and buying that bundle - which, like you said, will result in even more spare keys. Looks like it may soon be time to have another giveaway :smiley:

Edit: Bought the game on Bundle Stars. Topic closed.