War Gamez Bundle at Humble This Week- Undecided

I have 60+ hours in it, the repetitive part is like you said, to craft new equipment. You can go crazy and mix a bunch of stuff, or you can go simple, make a gun set and go with it whilist upgrading when you feel the need. The game will get harder in the end levels, and you can’t just rush a map if you’re not familiar with how everything works, they will kick your butt.

It’s like Metal Slug made a baby with Monster Hunter? But, let me remind you folks that the art is fantastic, made by my boy Paul Robertson, an amazing pixel artist.


Rising Storm, Insurgency and Day of Infamy are all good games if your into the semi realistic shooters.


This isn’t worth even the tier 1 for me… I am saddened.


$4.34 is great for Day of Infamy, but the only other game on that list I really care about is Insurgency… which I already have. :man_shrugging:

Besides, thousands of Humble Subscriptions died so that I could play Destiny 2. I won’t let their sacrifices be in vain.


:rofl: :+1:
i must say, even if i’m not “satisfied” with this game in “muh bundle” either, i’ve enjoyed reading the (salt) comments on steamgifts this time around :wink:
“Wut! dis not steam key?! butbut promises?.. reee!” :smile:


I’m also out on this one…was really tempted by Panzer Corps, but If I’m honest with myself I’d probably put other RTS’ higher on the to play list and would probably never get around to playing it.

What with this and the Monthly’s they’re going through a dry patch…


@xist, check your PM, :wink: :smile:


I admit, I was really torn about buying this bundle, then I read this:

Check out these dope gamez. Wazzaaaaap dudes, a phat new bundle’s in town, and this means war. Score sick games like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Digital Deluxe Edition, Day of Infamy Deluxe Edition, 8-Bit Armies, and more. Your friends’ll be all, oh snap, these gamez are the bomb.


Take note Chrono copywriter, this is the kind of elegant prose that sells games.

Seriously though


I mostly bought the bundle for 8-Bit Armies and Panzer Corps a little. Already have Mercenary Kings. Funny how the BTA has decreased from last night. It was $4.35 now it’s $4.23. Probably should have waited a few more days :joy:

So, whom among you is going to be the first to say “oh snap, these gamez are the bomb?”



(i didn’t say it, you did) :smile:


When I was looking at it yesterday, the lowest the BTA price was $3.90. I closed the window after deciding only to go with the $1 tier, so it didn’t matter…


I heard Rising storm 2 and days of infamy are pretty good, besides its $10 and you get 7 games. That’s pretty good, that’s about a dollar per game.I get it, but only if you’re truly into war games. I’d get it but I don’t think my laptop can run majority of the games.


My Desktop is old so it doesn’t play these games…Maybe going to buy Tier 2, just 1 for sure…I think we have 3 more days to decide…


don’t worry, you have 10 days left to decide on this particular bundle :wink:


GF and I are going to def get tier 1 for Mercenary Kings. Already have a ps4 copy we could play but for $2 we can wander unrestricted.