Wanderlust: Transsiberian Giveaway

Hello! Wanderlust: Transsiberian came out today and I wanted to run a giveaway for a copy of it. I’m not related to the devs or anything, just a fan of the Wanderlust games and I figured it’d be fun to run a little giveaway.

The rules are simple, to enter you just need to share your favorite travel story here in the comments. I will leave this prompt pretty open-ended, but I am looking for proper stories, not just something like “I went to Barcelona and it was really cool”. I mean of course Barcelona was really cool! But I want more.

I will allow any entries before 5pm US Central Time on Saturday April 11th so around 50 hours from me posting this. I will choose my favorite answer to be the winner, and then I will send you a copy of the game on Steam. If you are the winner you need a Steam account capable of accepting gifts (i.e. it can’t be a brand new account) and you need to be okay with me adding you on Steam so I can send you the gift.

Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading all the stories that get posted :slight_smile:


I don’t ever travel anywhere, so I don’t have any stories. I mean other than travelling to school or other commercial buildings.


No entering, thanks for the giveaway though.


well, you could at least have told us whether it was cool or not, though OP wants more regardless


Thanks for the giveaway, @K3mo :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Calling @Danacscott…a train game…:+1:t3:


This sounds like a really cool game, so I’ll enter!

I love travelling, and I have some pretty interesting stories from when I was living in Belgium. I was interning there for a summer, and I think one of my most memorable (among many other things) experiences was just simply riding the bus to work and watching a man run and try to catch the bus before it left. he failed, and I watched him disappear as we drove away. I did notice however that he started running along the bus route. He was in a full suit with a briefcase, probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s. I thought that was kind of silly, but whatever, maybe he wanted to go to a different stop.
Cue 10 minutes later as we’re sitting in traffic, and I look back, and lo and behold this guy is still running after us. He starts gaining, but we pull into the next stop and away again before he can get close enough to make our stop. This man kept on running, so I sat there fascinated watching this guy chase this bus, and GAIN on us due to our frequent traffic stops, for 20 minutes in the muddle of a summer morning (again, black suit and briefcase in hand). Finally, he actually caught up to us and got on about 4 stops later, not even really out of breath. I wanted to start applauding him, but the fact that noone else seemed to notice and on top of it, he was barely out of breath kind of held me off. Only reason I know I wasn’t hallucinating was that my housemate and coworker was watching as well.

I still think about that guy every so often. I guess his job that day was super important for him to not miss that bus.


Well I was out traveling for work pretty far away, our role was to build basic infrastructure for the company. So we’re sent out into pretty uncharted places setting stuff up for the main crew to be able to come in and get everything running properly.

So we’ve just about arrived at location and without even so much as a warning locals, as far as we could tell, just open fire at us. They disable our vehicles and everyone just pretty much bails in any direction, I end up taking a hit to the head from something and black out. When I come back too I’m on my own with only a few basic tools on me in an entirely alien place with no way to contact anyone.

Nothing really to do than start carefully exploring the area, try to secure shelter, fresh water, food and assess the threat situation. Thankfully whoever shot at us earlier do not seem to be around anymore and I pretty soon find the wreckage of our ship crashed nearby. Unfortunately however the bloody thing goes up in a nuclear fireball and while I scavenge enough stuff to craft myself a radiation resistant diving suit this really riles up the local wild life.

Anyway, long story short I build myself a pretty neat little underwater base, couple of submarines and even travel to the center of this planet to rescue an old leviathan who for some reason can cure a plague the planet happens to endure so I can build myself a new space ship to go home in without getting shot down again.

…I don’t really get to travel much either, I went to planet 4546B and it was really cool, scary, but cool.


dude, that totally reminds me i never thanked you for that cool postcard u sent me from back there

thx man!



After spending an hour and half on hold with USPS, this gave me a much needed chuckle. Thanks!


Thanks for the heads up, @delenn13 :heart:

I did most of my travelling ages ago, when I was younger and can’t remember much.

One time, I went to New York to visit a cousin. It was weird to me. I’d never been in an apartment building before. It was one of the older ones with a rickety elevator. There was a shopping area pretty nearby, the street was called “170” - I recall that clearly since I went there a lot. Peeked into the supermarkets mostly. I was shy then and still am now. :stuck_out_tongue:

First time in my life I saw peaches and plums - which we have to import into Barbados - looking all fresh and cheap too! There was also a kind of mini brownies in a container - so good! We have something here in the more tourist oriented supermarkets, similar brownie, but not nearly as tasty (or cheap).

Back then, KFC was a cheap, quick meal, and pizza too. New York was the place where I got addicted to hotdogs with relish, cheese and crushed potato chips. It’s one of my favourite mini meals to date.

Guess I should talk about the fancy skyscrapers and stuff, but I didn’t like them. They are too close together, too bright, too reflective - it’s what someone calls “noise” when there’s too much going on in a picture.

Predictably, I did like the library when I eventually found it. Harry Potter was still a newish thing at the time and I read every one of the books they had. It was hard to leave the boxset behind when I was taken to a Barnes & Noble for the first time. Heck, it was hard to leave the store, period. :XD

In contrast, we had to a road trip to North Carolina for a wedding. The trip was a bit boring on the endless stretch of highway bits, but there were lots of areas that reminded me of here - very country looking - plants etc, rural. Much preferred there to New York, but we didn’t stay long enough to explore any.

Ah yes, last in this very boring travel log, is the Toys 'R Us store. Biggest amount of play things I’d ever seen. Bought the first and only PS2 ever had there. Oh and my roller blades.

This island is really far from everywhere I’d like to visit: Japan, New Zealand, Iceland… My all time favourite band is based in Japan. sigh It’s nice to dream.


The two places I want to visit most in life are Japan and Scotland (the latter being my ancestral home through my father’s side, several generations back). I haven’t made it to either, but I’m hoping to someday. Maybe if I can get into English teaching I can move over to Japan for a few years.


Dude. Put me in your suitcase and let’s go together! Customs won’t mind a pet squirrel. ^^

Seriously though, if you ever start planning this, let me know. :slight_smile:


Thanks to those who participated! It was tough to choose a winner but I have to go with @Fraggles due to the creativity and the fact that I laughed out loud by the end of reading. But I really enjoyed the other answers too! Hopefully I can do more stuff like this in the future. @Fraggles please send me a DM with a link to your steam profile so I can add you and send you a copy of the game.


Thank you very much, I’m happy you enjoyed my little story and thank you for doing this giveaway in the first place. I’ll look forward to trying this game out.


@Fraggles ^^ Gratz. :heart: