Walking dead overkill Coop

hi all,
i just finished downloading the game and it looked like it’s a mix between l4d and the heist game that i forgot the name,

if you also have the beta and want to group up, feel free to add me on steam

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I believe you are thinking of payday

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yes exactly, i would say so far i “feel” quite let down by the game, it’s a call of duty zombie, where you have three doors to defend but cannot shoot the zombie before they break the door, you have very low ammo( so you need to leave your defense position to get more), to repair a door you need to have two plank (but you can only carry one) and it’s a reskin of payday(by that i mean the menu, character selection weapon selection,etc. the gameplay is somewhat different) so no looting no crafting, you have to chose between 4 characters and their set of weapons.

Disclaimer: this review is based on the first mission because the game is legit way to hard to be completed with bots or random people.


OVK’s TWD has been great so far, ignoring some pretty strange bugs here and there. It’s highly stealth oriented, but for the most part every time I’ve failed (which is quite often) has been due to some kind of user error or moment of carelessness.

I was pretty impressed, overall. It’s a polished game, and a great time in terms of stealth. You’re definitely in for a bad time if you think you can use loud weapons freely and don’t use your attacks well. Ammo is limited and loud firearms (including enemies’, so watch it!) will make your mission more difficult in the long run.

TL;DR: I had an enemy that was hunched over glide towards me over a good distance, and it was funny. I also had a zombie float away from me when it was supposed to be attacking me, which made the HUD disappear. Save for these two bugs in all my playtime, I had a fantastic time and basically don’t have complaints. The missions are fun, the survivors keep you on your toes, and the zombie threat is handled in a way that feels great. I highly recommend giving it a look if you can get your hands on a key.

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A game to surpass Metal Gear*!


Also, why in hell, they re-used the same knife takedown from The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct?

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They didn’t reuse the animation, but it is similar… it’s kind of a “thing” as far as everything TWD goes, and Dying Light has some similar ones if I remember correctly.

There’s more unlockable knife-style weapons per character and multiple animations depending on the angle at which you grabbed or got got grabbed.

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