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Vivaldi Web Based Email Program.



Calliing @coralinecastell and @THEFIREGAMER123 :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

We just switched ISPs and I was thinking about using a more secure web based email program. Has anyone used Vivaldi’s Email? Any suggestions? I am so over Google, Yahoo and the like. What desktop application do you use…or not???


I use Mozilla Firebird Thunderbird. Google is endlessly complaining about me allowing “insecure apps” to access my email.


To be fair, Firebird never actually got to full release. I think it was canned around version 0.5 or 0.6 so I can see Google’s point of view here.

Edit: wait do you mean Thunderbird?


Well I keep saying the wrong name for this thing, it’s Thunderbird and it’s definitely still being worked on.


Ah, that makes more sense, I did have a thousand more questions as to why you were using an obscure obsolete browser


Thanks dear, but I use Thunderbird! Also using Proton currently but I’m likely going to move soon.

As for providers, look at:



I have used Vivaldi’s mail system, but I don’t really like it. I find it to be very slow most of the time when loading emails. Sending emails takes longer than gmail. Receiving them took almost a minute. (I tested sending an email to myself both ways. Gmail - Vmail, and vise versa) Even deleting emails can be a long process. You have to select individual emails then hit delete, and if each email is taking a long time to delete, well thats just annoying. If there is an easier and faster way to delete them please let me know.

As for spam I haven’t received a single spam email, and I’ve had a Vmail account for about a year. Over all the Vmail service is often slow in my experience. its not always, sometimes I feel like its as fast or maybe faster then gmail. But its rare. I tend to use the Vmail service for signing up on sites that seem a little un-trustworthy. Ill use the email to see if its safe, then I’ll sign up with my gmail account. I do like the calendar that they have with the email. I haven’t used it much but its a nice edition for taking down dates that are sent to you in emails. It would be nice if they allowed us to open the calendar on the main email page.

Of course Vivaldi is all about that customization so there are plenty of options available to make it your own. Vmail could certainly use some work. I’m sure in the future they’ll do something with the email to make it a better competitor with other email services.

Side Note: It does visually look plain and old I recommend putting on the Larry interface, to add a little spice to it.


Thanks @THEFIREGAMER123 for your opinion and review about Vmail. Also thanks to everyone else for their recommendations. Now I have to figure out what to do…:thinking:


No problem, happy to help!