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Vivaldi mobile app beta


Hey everyone. I can’t remember whether I posted about Vivaldi on here or not. I’m too lazy to check. Anyway, I really like Vivaldi I’ve been using as my main browser for a very long time now and do recommend to you. Sure it’s not the fastest browser out there but it’s a great browser. Anyway, today Vivaldi released a mobile app, as far as I know, it’s just on Android for now. So far after using it for a day, and as I type up this post, it hasn’t caused me any problems.

Oh also that actually has a back and forward button unlike Chrome on android


Thanks! I really like vivaldi, it’s my secondary browser – after Firefox. I highly recommend it too! Will check it out on android. Cheers! (:


Tried it out because I love testing new browsers. And I just wish there was more competition, in the mid 00’s we had so many new ones popping up but nowadays we only have 2 relevant browsers left.
That being said I’m probably not gonna switch to this. It doesn’t seem to do anything unique and Firefox Focus is almost perfect.


I’ve been using Dolphin for mobile for awhile now. couple issues I note are: when in adblock mode, it tends to crash more often and for some reason I can’t get it to upload pictures to Chrono anymore after an update. No idea if the second would be fixed by a reinstall.


I haven’t used much of FireFox, but Vivaldi is unique in the way of the amount of customization, organization and privacy. There are many, many features I have never seen in any browsers. But of course thats for PC, mobile version is just in beta for now they don’t have all the features like PC but it is a simple and faster than I was expecting.


Vivaldi on mobile is a straight Chrome Reskin, absolute dissappointment for me and an instant uninstall.


Forgot to mention:

My main mobile browser is DuckDuckGo, which is also my search engine of choice on everything.

@Truly there are heaps upon heaps of great browser options out there. If I wasn’t on mobile going to work I’d totally link you a few off the top of my head!


Go for it if you have the time. I’m open to test something new even if it turns out to be garbage.:+1:
I haven’t given the duckduckgo browser a chance yet so I’ll have to get on that. It is my main search engine on pc.


What sorcery is that? Was I hiding under a rock? When did this become a thing? Pics! Or it didn’t happen :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Enjoy! :grin:



(I’m going to college now but the browser links will come afterwards lol)


Better late than never?

@Truly – and all others interested, hence my being redundant for you.

:robot: On Android, via Google Play, in no particular order:

:fox_face: FIREFOX FOCUS

+ Privacy-oriented
+ Well-designed
+ Made by upstanding folk
+ Blocks ad trackers

- Heavy (several megabytes)
- Confusing tabs

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: VIA BROWSER

+ Lightweight (772k)
+ Highly customizable
+ Night mode and other such features
+ Fast

- Can’t pause downloads


+ Privacy-oriented
+ Made by upstanding folk
+ Blocks ad trackers
+ Has option to auto-delete all personal info of previous session
+ Night mode
+ Automatic info on Privacy Policies

± You need to keep track of your passwords – DuckDuck, by design, won’t

- Non-intuitive tab system

:robot: FOSS browsers on Android, via F-droid, in no particular order:




:desktop_computer: On PC, in no particular order:

:fox_face: FIREFOX

:purple_heart: TOR

:red_circle: VIVALDI

:lion: BRAVE

:droplet: WATERFOX

:eagle: FALKON

If anyone cares, on my Android I currently have Via and DuckDuck. On Manjaro KDE I have Firefox (stable release), Falkon and Tor. I think it’s always good to have more than one browser on any piece of hardware you might need browsers on. :blush: