Viscera Cleanup Detail

Will you guys consider selling Viscera? I personally already own it on steam but for some reason i dont remember the last time it went on sale there(if it ever has gone on sale).
I think its perfect for the site, as:

  1. its an indie game that rarely goes on sale.
  2. its a good game that i have sunk countless of hours into and would like to buy for some friends of mine.
  3. its coop.
  4. it would make for a fun description from you guys under the sale. (As usual)

All the best!

Post scriptum - the site is wonderful and if you guys ever get the chance, please repeat the vermintide sale as i missed that one.


Viscera Cleanup Detail is a great idea. We’ll definitely see what we can do. :slight_smile:

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Sweet- glad you approve, zak

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Have to agree! I never saw this one in a bundle or a really good sale.
After playing the Shadow Warrior freebie I feel like I’ve seen it all already tho. :smiley:

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Check out today’s deal! :wink: