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Video that makes you laugh uncontrollably?



Feeling a bit down, so I’d appreciate it if y’all could post your favorite YouTube video that brings you laughter

Diablo Immortal

A lot of the classic TF2 GMod videos still make me laugh to this day. I think this one is still my favorite


This and pretty much anything from Robot Chicken.


The ending gets me every time.


It’s hard to find just one favorite after over 10 years of content but this one is definitely up there.



NOOOOO not that one


Without fail, whenever I feel down, this puts something on my face.



great video, man

here’s one of my faves:

also this


Somehow reminded me of this:

And in the same line, kinda:


It’s a bit of an old video, but i still love it

Other then that i quite like this


Warning: Gore, violence, sexuality.


What?? Why?


After battling my 10 year addiction, I have finally put down the “crack pipe”, i.e. the mechanical keyboard. OK, OK, not literally. 5+ months ago I quit World of Warcraft cold-turkey. My disappointment with the game in general started with Warlords of Draenor, intensified with Legion, and I absolutely could not tolerate the thought of suffering through Battle for Azeroth. This WOW machinima video, for the most part, makes me laugh…

…that being said, this clip from the video above focuses on what makes me laugh uncontrollably. I present…


Not uncontrollably but still made me chuckle a little


This guy have done a bunch of these “Garry’s Mod like face melts” before, but Beyond Two Souls’ high quality models with all their camera zooms really sells the exaggerated facial expressions for me.

Also some good jabs at David Cage.


and a thousand more




The Sea Pig one is :ok_hand: