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Video Game Husbandos/Waifus


Well my thirst levels are very high, and since I am pre-menopausal I also have the desire to make children. This biological imperative is projected onto fictional characters, most of these individuals psychopaths and detrimental to my health, but there you go.

Here is my list, which I have designated specific titles because they fulfill certain niches:


  1. Thane Krios (Mass Effect 2) - Sad Terminally Space Asthmatic Snake Dad Assassin Husband
  2. Solas (Dragon Age Inquisition) - Paternalistic Elven College Professor Husband
  3. Zevran Aranai (Dragon Age) - Saucy Spanish Bisexual Assassin Husband
  4. Alistair Theirin (Dragon Age) - Boy-Next-Door Knight Husband
  5. Goro Majima (Yakuza series) - Absolutely Bonkers Fashion Disaster Mafia Husband
  6. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) - Genocidal Top Agent Husband
  7. Robert Joseph MacCready (Fallout 4) - Teen Dad Sniper Husband
  8. Connor (Detroit: Become Human) - Android Twink Husband
  9. Tali Nas’Zorah (Mass Effect) - Immuno-Compromised Space Romani Wife
  10. Merrill (Dragon Age 2) - Autistic Elven Blood Mage Wife
  11. Athena (Borderlands: The Pre Sequel) - Super Space Shield-Soldier Wife

Bonus: My children

  1. Leslie Withers (The Evil Within) Autistic Albino Son
  2. Cole (Dragon Age: Inquisition) Autistic Ghost Son


I remember answering something similar before, theres probably a post somewhere here that I had to make a list of the waifus and husbandos from games… :thinking:


So far nothing has come close to defeating my queen Femshep for me. Maybe the ladies from The Witcher 3 come close but yeah, Shepard still wins.

Aside from that, I read your list and as soon as I read Goro I just laughed for a while, and then I continued reading and realized it was not the Mortal Kombat Goro

edit/ to be fair Goro seems to be in excellent shape and those extra hands could come in handy I guess? but come on, that face, imagine waking up to that face slobbering all over the pillow!


Oh, really? D: Sorry for reposting, when I searched I didn’t find anything.


I never really did these Waifu things. So after googling it to make sure, its a fictional character that I would marry if I was in their fictional world. I think.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So many games to think about with female characters…

Ok. After thinking for 10 mins. I’ll choose Rayne from Tales of Symphonia. I can probably think of a better one later. But that seems good enough for now.


I hope you know how to cook. Raine can screw up a sandwich. I forgot which dish is the one that she can actually cook.


Dunno just waiting to see what other ppl mention hahha. I didn’t think it was done in video games I always thought only anime.


No particular order. I’m gay for them all equally.

Leon (Resident Evil)
Connor (Detroit: Become Human)
Joseph (Evil Within)
V (Devil May Cry 5)
Handsome Jack (Borderlands)


Glad to see John get some love.


No, you’re fine. It was inside another topic I believe (but I’m often wrong too tho), it wasn’t it’s own, and there’s a lot of new people who never saw it, so it’s fine. :smiley:

So, instead of a list I’ll name one of them

Waifu (When she gets older, kek): Linkle

Husbando: Vincent

Must Protecc: Clementine


Majima best husbando


Goromi-chan best waifu ever… ¹ forever! Forever, ever? Forever ever?!?… yes, forever ever.

¹I’m sorry Ms. Jackson


S+ tier waifu




Linkle is pretty cute haha I wondered if she be mentioned



I have a guess of where that is from, but any chance you could put who it is/where they are from? thx!

Edit: I was right lol


Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening


I only approve legs to torso 2:1 proportions :smiley:


A friend of mine from a Star Trek forum did this drawing. :heavy_heart_exclamation: