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Good Morning Chrono,

it’s been a while since i found a forum that i liked and Chono brought me back to the ol forum days so i decided to try this lounge thingy.

the goal of the lounge is more to create contact with other people on Chrono that share the same interest as you,

it wouldn’t really be a good place for support and help since it would become chaotic real quick

a bit more about myself, i’m a video game programmer mainly using C# with unity, been passionate of video for the last 20 years or so. Even though working in the video game industry changed the way i play games, i still pass way to much time playing game :stuck_out_tongue:

my three main game are currently:

  1. Rocket League
  2. Path of exile
  3. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Game of the moment: Planet Centauri

I intend this post to be an open mic so come in and enjoy the show :wink:


Out of curiosity, why don’t more developers use Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine?

It seems to have a lot going for it, from my amateur developer perspective.

Currently playing:

Zombie Army Trilogy
X-com 2 (I don’t own it. But if I never close the program, the free 2 day becomes a free 2 weeks.):smiling_imp:
Stronghold 2


Glad you like the place, I like doodling around whilst currently trying to get my mittens in game development too.

My current games are:

  • The Surge
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • Whatever VN I happen to land on

@GDBringer it may be familiarity, Unity and Blender took their time to lift off, Godot as well, is not as prominent as the others, I may be wrong of course.


In addition to what @Inferry said: (larger) devs and publishers are generally distrustful of unproven software that isn’t in-house, since it’s more likely have issues that they can’t fix themselves. And with Amazon being the fearless giant that it is, they can’t bully steer the Lumberyard team into shaping the engine more towards their needs, and can’t expect speedy turnaround on required features and bugfixes.

It will probably take until at least a few of Amazon’s in-house projects are released and/or it’s out of beta before we see more developers using the engine. Even then, adoption may be slow since Lumberyard seems to lack any widely-applicable standout features that would warrant the cost of switching over.

There may also be additional concerns regarding licencing, data collection, etc that might be scaring devs/publishers away, but I haven’t read any of the legalese.

…I should probably introduce myself. I’m a dinky indie dev making dinky indie games that I hoard in a private pile. My current project is an exploration-centric, combat-free pixel art side-scrolly thing, and hopefully it’s one I won’t keep to myself. Here’s a very WIP gif.
I don’t have a particular language speciality, but my current WIP project is in C++.

I’m pretty irregular about playing dem vidya gams. I recently finished Metal Slug (thanks Chrono!), and before that I played a lot of Hollow Knight, and I’ve got a very on-and-off Steel Soul run of that going. I have a Backloggery page that lists all the games I’m (not) playing.


I Actually never looked at Lumberyard in detail (programming language, API, Release cost, etc) i learned 2 minutes ago that StarCitizen the nonGame game was made using that engine,

the reason i would say that Unity and Unreal are popular is because they worked hard to make their engine accessible, and big Triple A studio even started using them for small asset flip like Mobile hearthstone(unity) Fallout Shelter (unity), all the Go series from Square Enix (lara croft, hitman, deusEx) etc, most companion app are either made with unity or Unreal

@Inferry Before i can teach you da way (sorry to bring back a dead meme), you need to ask yourself what you want to do, is it more programmin, modeling, level design’ing’, etc. If you’re not sure you can always download the free software like Visual studio for programming, blender for 3d modeling, and follow a couple of tutorial on youtube just to see if you like it and want to learn more, idk if i was clear… i got lost in the big ol wall of text xD

@eishiya glad to see a fellow game dev, i saw your gif, and it look smooth, for a in development home baked engine cant wait to see more, CPP is on my “to learn” list, i’ve thinkered with it but never with open gl dX or vulkan.


I’m using SFML to hide away all the OpenGL scariness, so I haven’t exactly played with graphics APIs either. The closest I’ve come to that is writing some very basic pixel shaders in GLSL.


i love writing sharers, it’s like the only time code can become something artistic, if you want to see some crazy Sh#@ check out what people are doing over there is cray


I am not a developer but I thought this was cool…


I’ve thought about getting into programming, but I have no idea where to start, and not sure if I want to put a lot of time into it. I’d like to do it just for a hobby, nothing serious.
Do you have any tips?


Having tried to learn new languages and keep my programming skills from vanishing my main tip is find something you want to actually do. It’s really hard to learn programming just to learn programming without having some sort of idea you want to realize. Like learning to draw without any creative ideas you can’t just put pen to paper and expect art to happen.

That’s for the long term at the very least, sure at the start just figuring out how things work and making simple operations happen is fun enough. But a month or two in you’re going to start running out of reasons to code.


i agree with @Fraggles, i did that when starting,
actually i started doing that before knowing i would like it, my little brother had a minecraft server and had that mod to manage it from a console using php call to send server command, i got tired to always have to enter the command for him so i made my first Visual Basic tool that was really just a user interface over the already made plugin.

from there i liked the fact that i had the power to make my pc my b#@!# so i kept learning and still i’m today

bonus: my first C# tool i made before starting using unity was a Breeding tool for Pokemon(RPG), i always loved Pokemon but never got into breeding because it was too complex, so i made a tool that took all the characteristic of the parents and generated a list of possible child(respecting the items and personality of each parent).


Wow, I just payed the game using only the first Poke I got from the start until I beat the game and be done with it :\


i grew up with pokemon yellow so first thing i always do is get myself a couple of pikachus them breed them till i have a perfect one then start the game xD


Boy, that hurt strait to my core. Specifically with art, I’ve always wanted to evolve past constantly looking at other artists’ styles. Once i see an inspiring piece, i do a bunch of strokes(trying to imitate) and go “Thats S#!t!”. And never return to it. I guess i feel deprived of both a creative mind and a basic understanding of physics in art. Also just laziness in general. :sweat_smile:

I mean, i want to actually improve, Just sigh.


I have close to a decade of experience in having high ambitions without any knowhow, and nothing to show for it. :smiley:

Currently independently training to make the games I’ve dreamed of making. In a lot of ways, I really got going with learning the tools I need last year. I’m hoping that by some streak of luck, I can get a chance to make them a reality, and have at least enough to show for my efforts that I can pitch a good idea when if that time comes.

My current playlist on games:

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (finishing up!)
  • Devil May Cry: HD Collection (I’m stuck on Cerberus in 3. It’s really embarrassing. I’ll get through it one of these days!)
  • Killing Floor 2 and RimWorld (still two of the greatest games of the decade.)
  • resident evil 4 (plowing through a classic I never really got into until now)
  • Deus Ex (speaking of which… the GMDX mod was exactly what I needed to finally get somewhere in this game!)
  • Pavlov (the definitive online VRFPS in my opinion)

So many games, not enough time to play 'em. :man_shrugging:


Pavlov is on my wishlist… the only problem is that i don’t have a vive right now, we got some at work, but even if i had one, i have no place where i live rn :cry:

talking bout deus ex MD, how did you like the side mission?


I’m a (game) developer as well, currently looking for a job, so why don’t we start an in-house development studio? :joy: We have plenty of talented artists too as can be seen here:

I’m also part of a team that offers free programming workshops for people who are interested in game dev or other CS fields. And from my experience as a “teacher”, I can say that learning programming or starting developing games is not as scary as it might seem at the beginning (I totally agree with @Fraggles though) . I would offer anybody on this lovely forum to join our next workshop but I doubt any of you are in my area (Austria) :sweat_smile:


i’m down, we just need chono’s approval and a place to meet up and talk about the project.

7 Likes game jam WHEN :exploding_head:?!

I’ve also delved into indie game development using various tools over the years. Here’s my profile, which also has links to other places that host the stuff I’ve made. Haven’t made anything in over a year now though, same with programming in general pretty much :frowning:. Game development is freaking HARD WORK. Still, I’d love to try my hand in the actual industry, might be more motivating to work for a pay with other people instead of doing everything by myself.

My best gamedev memories are from a time I worked with another person who focused on the other assets required and I was able to focus on programming. Designing the game was usually a joint effort so the projects were motivating enough for the both of us (at least for a while :confused:). That stuff is linked in my gamejolt profile, which again can be found via my itch profile linked above.

And as far as the topic is concerned, I’ve been burnt out of gaming recently too. Last month I did play a bit of Killing Floor 2 and Overwatch after finally setting up a Windows virtual machine with a GPU passed trough to it for near native performance. Also played a bit of Rocket League under Linux.

As a bonus I present a never-before released project of mine (Windows only, sorry! I can’t remember if I even have the required license for porting to Linux using GMS) and at the same time the only game I’ve ever made using Game Maker Studio! It was supposed to be part of a minigame collection on gamejolt, but that project never saw the light of day. Wanted to push some boundaries so of course I made a 3D game even though GMS is/was mainly a 2D game engine… Might actually be my most polished game to date. Also here’s the GMS project itself if anyone wants to take a look at it for some reason. In case I forgot to license it you can consider the whole project to be licensed under GPL 3.0.


I am a web developer and been starting to join some jam on to get me starting to do something. Currently working on a small one in JavaScript that gonna be relished for Halloween. Hopefully I’ll find the patient to finish it! :slight_smile:

I am playing mostly League of Legends only nowadays, trying to get in to Final Fantasy 15 when I losing too much in LoL.