Please boys, I know you guys already have put this title on sale for so many times but now I have the money and I would really love to purchase this game from here! If you could please accept my suggestion I would be very VERY pleased and happy! :smiley: All the best, folks!:wink:

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Can we please make this thread more visible? What are your guys toughts on Verdun? Should the game return to CHRONO.GG SOON? :smiley:

Sorry if I come across blunt with you here but no, lets not. Verdun was on sale a mere 4 weeks ago, as I know that you know. Why would chrono bring back a game so soon just because you want a copy? I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.

As you’ve already been advised, Steam sale is coming, your best bet is buying it then.


I concur with @Fraggles here, the Steam Sale is probably coming tomorrow or if not it will be this coming Monday.

I unlocked a Steam Sale Card last week and these are usually sent out with Badges at least a week before the sale goes live.

Wasn’t this game available just last week or was it really a month ago now?

Be patient… You’ll get it soon enough. Just not from here, at the moment.

I got it from a giveaway from a group and I’ve been the world’s happiest man ever since.

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Verdun will be on sale on Steam in less than 24 hours but you were really unlucky with the timing, Sev7n. It was available in a Humble Bundle only 3 days ago. Current pricing strongly suggest holding out for a couple more hours.