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I was just wondering if there are any other vegans in here? :seedling:
I would love to chat with some fellow vegan gamers. :video_game::grin:


Not a vegan but a vegetarian here.


Eeeeeey soyboy right here!


:green_heart: Soy boys! :green_heart:


That is actually nice to see that I’m not the only one! I haven’t met much vegans that also play video games, tbh I don’t really know a lot of other vegans at all but yeah, you get what I mean :smiley:


I know the feeling! I don’t even have any vegan friends.
So I thought I would try here, though I didn’t have high expectations. :sweat_smile:


yeah there might be some more that haven’t seen this thread but I won’t get my hopes up too much :smiley:


If we play our cards right we might even attract some haters!




What do you eat then, Grass???


But that’s the cows’ food! :scream:


‘You guys are unhealthy because you don’t eat meat and that is very good for you’ gets Mcdonalds every day


shyly adds I do eat ze cluck and the fishies. Going vegetarian or vegan would be awesome, but it’s not sustainable economy wise for me.

Favs stuff: lentils, raw celery, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, kale, only fruit I hate is grapes. Fruit especially, as it’s mostly imported is pricey here. Local grows are like mango, super acid cherries, pink grapefruits, guava, plums (little green ones) and ackees (not the same as the Jamaican kind).


Vegan food is pretty cheap though? :grinning:
Rice, beans, lentils, legumes, vegetables, fruits, etc…? :seedling::smile::+1:

Have you heard of challenge22? Maybe that would help you :green_heart:


I’ll peek, but yea, veggies and fruit aren’t cheap here - not even from vendors selling local one. The cost of living is high and post shutdown, there’s no one policing price points either.

Rice, lentils - yea, relatively cheap. Fruits = nope. Beans, only if you’re willing to get them packaged (not in cans) and do the bulk of the hard work yourself. :laughing: I’m thinking of kidney beans. T_T They take le forever to cook.

Edit: Chickpeas too - cheaper in those plastic baggies. I love them for rotis and also, once upon a time, I was patient enough to to make them in the oven honey roasted style. Very yummy snack.



Kind of sad that chickens and fishes are cheaper than veggies and fruit though :frowning_face:


I’ve wanted to try Beyond Beef (plant based IIRC) but the fact it is twice as expensive as regular beef kinda puts me off of trying it.


Depends i guess. At least where i’m from being a vegetarian costs more than not being one. I often op for pure vegan food as well and that is priced even higher.


Fish is cheap in certain seasons. Ze cluck just stretches further for a family meal, you know? T_T