Valley 90% off on Steam (Ends Dec 10, 2018)

I mention this because I will probably buy it at this price, plus I have a boatload of friends who have this game wishlisted.


You are either finding them or reviewing them… STOP IT! My paypal hates you…:exploding_head:


This looks tempting but I’m not sure if it’s my kinda game :confused:
But then again 2 bucks won’t hurt?

are you working at Valve Steam? Trying to get us to buy these? :stuck_out_tongue:


Even though I wouldn’t mind the job, I certainly have no affiliation with the gaming industry in any way other than I enjoy games and I enjoy reviewing them… :slight_smile:


I saw this on the steam features sales and looked at it for like 20 mins, but since it’s such a short game I don’t know if it’s worth it?
if you do get the game id like to see your review @YQMaoski just to be safe


I am definitely going to buy it, just forgot my phone at home today, and can’t make a purchase without the authenticator. So when I get home later after work, I will complete my purchase.

Seeing how the game has more than 3000 reviews, at 90% positive, with a base price of $19.99, I will go on a limb and assume that it’s worth the 2 dollars.

But tell you what, I will try to play the game before the sale is up, so you can have an idea of what I think and be able to make a decision on this sale price.


very very very much so, imo :+1:


I’m not 100% sure but I believe @LordAo just gifted me the game and if so

I’m not sure though he apparently hasn’t been on steam for 4 hours while the gift was sent close to 10 mins ago, so I’m not sure who gave it to me


I am going to guess it was @LordAo, since he purchased the game for himself moments before you got your gift too.

The Steam online tracker isn’t always accurate. And you can still make purchases and gifts etc without being “online” so to speak, as that only refers to the small side app that lets you chat/play with friends. Plus there are lots of people (myself included) who sits around being invisible a lot of times.


Invisible mode - for when you are “working” from home :stuck_out_tongue:


Long review to follow. I have only played an hour, and I am having such a blast. I know that the game’s supposed to be a bit short overall, but from what I have seen, with the production value, the atmosphere, and the general feel you get while playing. It’s worth every bit of its current sale price. (I am going to play more before I review it, of course.)


yea you guys should totally get it for that price it’s really good!


I trusted you on these guys, so I bought it. We will see how good it is xD


@Nateninja21, I see you already played through almost all of the game’s story, so you really didn’t need me to convince you to play or not to play this game.

Nevertheless, here’s my review (I will also post it to my review thread another day–sleep now).

This will also act as a bump for when the game is still on sale.

(By the way, I am a fan of the music too, so I purchased the OST after I played a good chunk of the game.)


Since I received it for free I would feel forever guilty if I wasn’t even going to play it.

Whoops I Accidentally did a rant

Yes I have almost beat it, but I never will. Because it takes medallions to get into a door and you can find these Medallions in chests hidden around the map, but since I didn’t explore every nook and cranny (and also because I throw myself off of every cliff I see) I couldn’t find all the chests ergo I didn’t get enough keys. So if I wanted to actually beat the game I would either have to massively back track, or just restart all together.
ALSO when I found the door that took the medallions I looked in every nook and cranny twice and I found about 3 or 4 chests none of which had any medallions which I think is just bad game design to have a door that takes a certain amount of items to open it so the player can easily be just a few short so why not hide some of the items around so not to discourage the player :triumph:

I will also be writing a review about it because it really struck me with some great mechanics and gameplay but had some major flaws.


wait what???
uhm, those are optional, you don’t need all, nor do you even need to get what’s behind all the doors, you can complete the game without
-and you should get “at least” half through just casual exploration easy
unless you go full collectathon madness you don’t need to worry about those, and even then they made sure to put more in the game than you actually “need” for that bonus room, and story is unaffected without


Well your review was way to long to read it all but you had me at ‘‘it’s a no-brainer at this price’’
So I got a copy
Thanks :slight_smile:


Like Gnuffi said, those locked doors are all optional. I don’t know how many medallions there are, but I only had enough to get through the first one there. You should at least finish the main story…

As for the looking for crates business, I agree it’s a bit tedious, but kind of fun jumping/flying in that suit, so I didn’t mind. You can always travel to previous chapters too at any point, so there’s no need to restart.

The only reason I am not going in for total competition is because of limited time…


How? I’ve gone through around 3 acorn doors that all eventually led to this one door that leads to nowhere unless I have the medallions.
But if what you say is true I guess I will beat the game but I’ll still have to back track, unless there’s some entrance I missed on my hunt for chests


The acorn doors and medallion doors are all optional. The only story-related doors are opened by your L.E.A.F. suit at baseline. The doors opened by the medallion I can’t speak too much about, other than I opened the first one and there’s at least one more same door inside. But the story progression is to the side… not inside that structure.