Valentine's Day Giveaway! [IT HAS COME TO AN END. TALLYING VOTES NOW!]

Ahhh… Can you smell the love in the air?

No? Well neither can I. So I’ve got a list of games here that are given to me by the great acorns above as congratulations for becoming “The Best User of the Month!” - January 2019. Thank @AcornAvenger.

The Rules are simple:

  1. This Giveaway will end February 14th, once or a little after a new deal is shown on Chrono.
  2. You must be a member for at least 2 weeks… less you actually make me laugh. (Then just 1 week.)
  3. You may choose up to 5 games for your entry. (Was 3, now’s 5 because of @GeekInUndies ALL the donators who are giving out on this giveaway.)
  4. You need to add as part of your comment what games you want, in order of most wanted to least wanted.
  5. (Optional, but would be appreciated.) Write a valentines to someone on here. It may be sweet, to the other person it may hopefully be less than creepy. Write a Valentines to someone you know on here, and if there isn’t anyone you know of here, someone who you want to know more about who’s on here. (And if their isn’t ANYONE else, acorns forbid, consider me as the valentines. :kissing_heart:)
    (Preferably just a thank you card if you would be so kind.)

The Dark Stone from Mebara:

Dead Bits:


Fairy Fencer F:

The Great Art Race:


Feet Hanse - The Hanseatic League:

Heaven Forest - VR MMO:

Heaven Island Life:

Hero of the Kingdom II:

EDIT: OH ME, OH MY! It seems that there was a generous donation of 10 games for everyone by the (In)Famous @GeekInUndies The-Powers-That-Be! Please give him a round of applause, a chocolate kiss, and a pair of pants for his kind generosity!!! :heart_eyes: - :kissing_heart:

World’s Dawn:

Mind Spheres:


The Way:


Memories of a Vagabond:

The Ship - Complete Pack:

Snail Racer EXTREME:

Mad Games Tycoon:


EDIT#2: I think I’m started to smell the love around here. Apart from all the nuts… in more ways than one, for some reason it smells a lot like sloths and laundry… why is it that this is what love smells like? It seems that both @DontBeSilly and @Agetime have graciously donated a GRAND total of 8 games. I thank you both very much as I am sure the community will as well.

The Red Solstice:

Moss Destruction:

F1 2015:

Oh My Gore!:

Telltale Texas Hold 'Em:

Duke Nukem Forever:

Poker Night at the Inventory:


(P.S.) @DontBeSilly was the other person to receive the “Best User of the month!” reward which I got, so I’m more then thankful for them to give out these Steam games here.

As per warning, these keys were giving graciously to me, So I do not know whether they will work or not.
Also, as an early Valentines card, the only person I can think to give one to on here (Who is at least wearing more than a pair of pants :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… cough, @GeekInUndies… cough) is @AcornAvenger!

With my love and lunch money…


Nothing I want here really, but you can have this anyways <3


The games I would like to enter for are:

  1. Duke Nukem Forever

  2. World’s Dawn

  3. The Way

  4. Replica

  5. Mad Games Tycoon

The Valentine I would like to make is to @DontBeSilly

All these extra games being added complicated things for me and I’m OK with that! Haha thanks to everyone involved and happy Valentine’s day to all!


Not entering but thanks for doing a giveaway!


@AtlasRedux @CreatureFeet @PeteMcc :star_struck:
As of now, there has been a VERY kind donation of games given by the kind @GeekInUndies and also a slight change in rules, so if you want, feel free to change your answers while you can! Thanks for entering!


Ill enter for:

1.Hero of the Kingdom II
2.Fairy Fencer F
4.Mad Games Tycoon
5.World’s Dawn

Happy Valentines to @discobot, because why not?
And also thanks for doing this <3

Potato Heart for all of u


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Happy Valentines everyone! Sadly I don’t know anyone here, so @Scribesake thank you. :slight_smile:

  1. World’s Dawn
  2. The Way
  3. Skullgirls

@Scribesake Hmmm, I’ve been on the fence for Mad Games Tycoon for a while. I know it has some issues over similar games, which I’ve also played, but I’m a sucker for tycoon and simulator games (I dare not say how many hours I’ve spent in Transport Tycoon and Theme Hospital) If no one takes it, I’ll grab it if it’s left over.
Rest I either have or am not interested in :stuck_out_tongue:


Lovely sloth!


Wow Happy Valentine to you too. I will choose only one game: Skullgirls.
Thank you so much x.


Whoa there, ke-mo sah-bee. One itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny detail is in dire need of being clarified. When I sent…

… I was not referring to myself as The-Powers-That-Be. While we are on the subject of giveaways in general, a little more transparency is in order. The new batch of game keys that were donated came from the same stockpile that the previous ten keys came from. Also @Scribesake, to answer your question (from a different post), yes you did “steal” a planned holiday giveaway. If you want my opinion on the matter though, it is my belief that the giveaway in question was happily conceded to you 'cause you earned it. So there is absolutely no need to worry. Anyways, TTYL and the best of luck with your giveaway. ~Love, Dad


HAPPY Valentines day All: the order for games I WANT TO WIN are:

  1. Skullgirls
  2. Worlds Dawn
  3. The Way
    4.Fairy Fencer
  1. Fairy Fencer F
  2. Skullgirls
  3. World’s Dawn
  4. The Way
  5. Mad Games Tycoon

*Sends Love *


Ah yes, its getting to that time of the year where I have to remember that there is nobody to share it with other than my beautiful steam library of time wasting games!

I would have to say Replica first because of my love for pixel art games, plus seems like a sort of spooky game and also who doesnt like to snoop around on other peoples phones :smiley:

Secondly, Twickles! Seems like a perfect game to keep you entretained while listening to a backlog of podcasts.

And to wrap things up no third option but a thank you for the giveaway!




I’ve never heard of any of these.
I’ll enter for…

  1. Hero of the Kingdom II
  2. Worlds Dawn

Thanks for doing this giveaway!


Okay! Great idea and selection. I’d pick

  1. Fairy Fencer F
  2. World’s Dawn
  3. The Ship
  4. Skullgirls
  5. The Great Art Race

In penance for all the nuts I’ve butchered, I humbly request @AcornAvenger to be my gaming valentine. :slight_smile:


Put me down for:

  1. The Way

You can’t dodge all the credit, @GeekInUndies! We still can’t get enough of you.



Not entering but wanted to thank all of you for the nice giveaway!

It’s so lovely when a family does things together…