Va-11 Hall-A in the coin shop?

I want that game and steam never puts in any sale. Its even worse than other games that i wanted because they dont put it in any sale. Other games like Kerbal space program where in some sales but the price was almost the same than the normal. (Local coin CLP)
I like Va-11 Hall-A so much than even if that was the case i would buy it.
But so far it has been in my wishes list for like one year and still not in any sale.


It’s not up to steam mate, the devs are prolly ecstatic that its doing so well (more than 100k copies according to steamspy) especially cuz theyre in the hellhole that is venezuela, who knows maybe theyll throw us a bone but more likely you/we’ll have to wait for a sale/bundle, it was already in the top tier of a humble bundle (isthereanydeal bundle page) so heres hopin for a rebundling…ill let you know if i see it somewhere :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help but im unable to buy online. I dont have any proper credit card.
Steam allows a kinda credit card but not credit card from my country. This card cant buy from other country unless its allowed. So far just g2a and steam let me buy with it.
But i dont want to buy it in g2a. I want to support the devs for this amazing game.

You missed out, it was on sale on this site fairly close to its initial release from memory

I knew of the sale. But as i said i cant buy online in most sites. included.

If the dev is unwilling to do high discounts, I doubt they’d be willing to add the game to the coin shop…

We have no plans to feature it anytime soon, but it’s always possible in the future!