User of the Month

So I just got a message in my inbox by “system” xD
The message was saying I was the New User of The Month

That is awesome!
However, I must ask. What are the requirements, and how is this badge calculated?


No specific requirements other than you have to have joined within the last month and been an awesome contributor to the site since you joined. I believe it is picked by the staff and assigned to a user every month.


That’s pretty cool, congrats!


Apparently I’m the other one haha. I was very surprised! Didn’t think there was any chance of me getting it.


Didn’t know there could be several chosen, that takes the competition out of it. How are we to know who’s been the newest user of the monthliest?

Welcome to the forum, both of you. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay.


It says that two are chosen each month.


The badge that didn’t exist when I joined…:sob:

Congrats to the both of you!


I never was the user of the month either, for my first month I was just hiding in the shadows.
Anyways congrats :+1:


I got that badge when I joined too :smiley:!


it’s calculated and awarded automatically by the discourse system after 1 month (a discourse month begins/ends apparently on the 25th here it seems)
the way it’s handled is it checks new users join date and then awards a point score based on interaction, say an admin/mod likes your post 3 points, regular 2 points, member 1 point, basic 0.5, new 0.1 etc
You also need to have made X posts (can’t remember if others “must” reply too/if that gives points)
at the end of the month it then simply takes from those new users created that month, and selects those with the top 2 scores for the badge
-a badge which didn’t always exist and is thus slightly more unique on Chrono, so congrats on that :wink: :+1:


Congrats! I am so jealous!


I assume this had something to do with it, congrats :slight_smile:


New User of the Month, not exactly an inclusionary badge for those whom are introverted or have social anxiety. Where is the consideration for those community members that have occupational and/or familial obligations severely limiting the amount of free time they have to be online or those whom are actively serving, abroad, in the military. There are a myriad of extenuating circumstances, that are outside of ones ability to control, that could interfere with the viability to acquire this badge.

The finality of that statement. It would be fair to allude, that her contributions would have surely garnered her that badge if it were attainable back then. But alas, the badge is time sensitive and cannot be grandfathered in. There is no hyperbole here, every concern is valid. Most of the other badges are totally achievable, excluding the “broken” badges, over time. New User of the Month effectively penalizes a member if they aren’t contributing consistently whilst receiving likes, post haste after joining the forum or an antiquated account, “à la manière de” @delenn13 .

Maybe a democratic vote amongst community members, could decide whether or not, to amend this badge to be more inclusive and forgiving. Now all members would have a more evenhanded probability to, at some point in their life, acquire said badge. Better yet make it a repeatable badge just like the ones pertaining to; links, replies, shares and topics.

User of the Month - Outstanding contributions throughout the course of a month. This badge is granted to congratulate two users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom.

Thus ends my mulled wine fueled tirade. Yes, there are holes in my logic. Yes, I realize that this is a trifling first-world problem. Yes, I understand that Discourse is a program that may have limitations as to what it can accomplish. Yes, there are other badges that this would be applicable towards. Yes, there should have been a trigger warning for those individuals whom get easily offended when they read words like “democratic” and “inclusive”, oblivious to the actual context, they assume it is “political” SJW buzzwords being bandied around and REEE. Yes, I am sure that someone will inevitably point out gas men and strawlighting. Maybe, the last two sentences could be viewed as passive aggressive preemptive ad hominem. No, I am not going to debate semantics with contrarians for the “last word”, as if that is going to somehow validate my argument 'cause…

…OH!?! Happy HO, HO, HOlidays and peace on Earth, fam! :gift::christmas_tree::peace_symbol:




I REEEally hope you liked my REEEply!


Not sure if serious.

You’re arguing that because not everyone is able to do a thing no one should be recognized for having done it?

Also there’s certainly other badges that people with various life circumstances can’t possibly hope to get. Anyone with internet access only every other Friday wont be able to get any of the streak badges: Enthusiast, Aficionado or Devotee. Someone who’s illiterate would have a real tough time with the Licensed badge as it requires reading comprehension at a level not reachable by everyone through no fault of their own.

It’s a real travesty this badge system.


Wow. This thread was not mean to start any arguments. o.O

I honestly don’t know if you are trying to troll or not. I apologise if this thread has somehow triggered you, or offended you. It was never my intention. But, do you question all online video games with the same questions? Do you start threads asking to be given stuff because one may not have the time to dedicate to said game?

Everyone has a life that they live in their own way. There will always be things that one person can achieve that another can not. Whether that be because of time issues, financial issues, etc. The world goes on, and so does life. It’s an unfortunate thing. What you do with that life is up to you.

I wish you the best of luck with yours, and hope to see you not get so triggered so easily in the future.


Let’s remember folks, “'tis the season to be jolly!” Ruffled feathers are okay but smile and let things roll off! :slight_smile:


@JordanH Dear Sir, Madame, Zir, Non-Binary–Gender Fluid–Queer–Otherkin and/or Attack Helicopter (for one cannot assume anything in 2k18, most especially in Canada), you may interpret and draw conclusions based off of my not-so-lil’ post however you like. Far be it from me to tell another soul exactly how they should think or feel, for that would be fascism. Thank you ever so kindly for the well-wishes and your unfeigned sincere apology. My heart has grown three sizes today and you have warmed the cockles of my soul.

One infinitesimal detail that I find pertinent to expound upon though. There was no intended correlation between between my TL;DR post and the PEPE meme. My GIF and the text below it, was meant to be a frivolous whimsical reply to the hilariously topical post of the impeccable @M00 . I am not 100% sure, but it might not have been obvious that I REEE’d the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEer for REEEing with that meme REEEply a-a-and I didn’t exactly start this thread, like it seems that you were implying. That honour belongs to the venerable @delenn13 .

Don’t get me wrong, it is totes adorbs that you were actually worried about whether or not I got triggered because of some nebulous “argument” I was supposedly participating in. So again, I thank you oh so very much for your concern, this world needs more people like you. In conclusion, I apologize for mansplaining you. I am a god-awful ally and I need to check my privilege, sorry for my toxic behavior. May you have a phenomenal morning, day, and/or night (life too). As for me, I am retreating back to my safe space. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


Wiser words could not have been uttered. Blessed be, @ARS85 .

P.S. Belated congratulations on the birth of your son. As a fellow father, let me be the first to welcome you to the dream, daddy.

P.P.S. Not to be confused with…

P.P.P.S. N-n-not that there is anything wrong with Dream Daddy

P.P.P.P.S. I give up, safe space, safe space, safe space :cry::sob::scream: