Use Free Unchecky To Avoid Unwanted Programs/Addons/Spyware

My aunt’s PC looked like this before I installed Unchecky. (Not really, it was worse but I couldn’t take a screenshot. She had all this crap installed but NO screen capture program installed)
I said, "How do you even use your browser…Half of it is crap? "

I Installed Unchecky and made her very happy.

Still pay attention but this little program is very good. Saved my butt a few times.



srsly, WHAT!!! omg


*clickity clicklity click click
“what happened nan?”
-i just clicked “ok” on all the little checkboxes they gave me


my nans computer/browser had a very similar “issue” :+1:


Yea, I got "Well they told me I needed them to enhance my browsing experience. " :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t even bother anymore, much easier to just reinstall the OS when someone comes to me with a computer that is in need of cleaning/maintenance. If they claim to have something of importance in there I usually just make an image of the drive and let them pick what they need on their own time. Also a good time to get them an SSD as a boot drive and try to sell them on using GNU/Linux while they’re at it :stuck_out_tongue:.


I read carefully and thus am pretty safe lol
worst case is I gotta uninstall something which takes like a minute :sweat_smile:


This is literally the laptop of my GF… I’ve stopped reinstalling it after the 10th time in the last 3 years … I can’t even check my mail on it - opens up like 10 commercials pages simultaneously and somehow she is nagging me to do so, and since I wrecked mine - I’m still better using the 13 years old laptop of a friend of mine :smiley:

When you get to that situation I’m pretty sure it’s a point of no return and you have to reinstall the OS.


holy crap, how did that woman even use the browser? The main reason I moved my windows taskbar to the right side of the screen was because I wanted more screen available while browsing (and I even set it up so my bookmarks only show when opening a new tab).