Use coins to get two copies

Can I use coins twice to get the same game?
I might want to get a game for myself and my friend. We could compare each other’s time, play together, etc.
Edit: This is my first post. Please let me know if this is supposed to be in Feedback.


currently there is a 1x “purchase” limit per game per account for games in the Coin shop (there is a reason for that. Also note Chrono takes multi account abuse very serious)
so your friend would need to make an account of their own, get coins and acquire it that way
that is if you both want the same game, since there is nothing prohibiting you from selecting a game and giving it to your friend
alternatively if you/your friend do want the same game but only you have access to 1 since only you have an account, you can always ask if someone on the site is either willing to trade their coins/“purchase” for another game,
say you both want I,zombie, but you can only get 1, then other person gives you/friend their copy of I,zombie, and you give them Anarchy instead, etc/similar
or if they’d be willing to give one away for free out of the goodness of their heart


Thank you Gnuffi. Your answer was very detailed.

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You should make a forum thread specifically requesting the trade, and see what happens. When Lethal League was in the shop I used the same method @Gnuffi mentioned to get a copy for both myself and my friend who had just started gathering coins. Found someone who wanted Tower of Guns, but had mistakenly bought LL when on the phone, so I bought ToG and traded with him.

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