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[Update: Confirmed] Get Steep for FREE on US Ubisoft Store



[Update] The freebie is confirmed. You can get Steep for FREE for limited time on Uplay!


The game is already listed for $0.00 (100% off) on US Ubisoft Store, but it’s not possible to make a putchase yet.
If this happens, the deal should be available till 05 / 21.
Stay tuned for the possible freebie.



I was able to get it, thank you. there are 2 buttons it seems, one is grayed out, i used the one with the check mark and it worked.


Worked for me as well.


I just used the uplay launcher and it worked perfectly :slight_smile:


Yes, Worked easily through Uplay Launcher. :slight_smile:


Was just about to post this Thanks for sharing it. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Ainesk!


I played steep back when it came out. I really like it. NOT AS MUCH AS GARFIELD KART THOUGH!


Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile: