UPDATE: also a Professor Layton Game!!! >Monster Hunter: Stories< Now available on Android and IOS!!!

No IAPs, no ads, full 3DS Game optimised for mobiles and wt improved graphics!

Demo version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.capcom.mhssfen

Pls guys support it so we can have more real games on mobile :speak_no_evil::blush:

Link for IOS is down below in @NICK9X9’s comment!

Prof. Layton: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Level5.LT1REU


Here is for IOS devices as well:

Monster Hunter Stories: $19.99
MHST The Adventure Begins: Free


I can barely play the one on Steam/console, but oh well!

How come? You mean spec/lag wise? Or difficulty? This is more akin to Pokemon than Monster Hunter :slight_smile:

I’ll edit the thread, wasn’t sure if it was available for IOS!


Download requires 4GB for what seems to be the demo. I already have just the essentials on my phone and still need to delete 2.3GB, so I guess I won‘t be playing Monster Hunter. :thinking:

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Demo requires 1.3GB, the full version takes around 3.2GB or so… (on Android)

Maybe he’s on IOS, because there it requires 3.2GB for the demo and 4GB for the full version.


Well I was never a stickler for performance for games like this. If it runs at 30 fps I’m good, so it is mostly the difficulty that gets me. It beats the stuffing out of me all of the time. So I like the game but I find it frustrating enough to not want to play it. :laughing:

What @NICK9X9 said. I‘m on iOS and it says that Monster Hunter Stories Adventure Begins (or whatever - the free one!) takes about 4GB according to the appstore page.

lol all this talk about 4gb reminds me of some years ago when i got a phone
chose the 8gb at the time, because it costed only a tiny bit more than the 4gb version and thought “woo, double the space” :ok_man:
then i get home and see the system etc “basic functions” took almost 4gb, and was like “dafuq, how is the exact same model with the same OS even freakin possible then with just half the storage?!?” :dizzy_face:

anyways, rando out of nowhere off topic thought process over, -carry on :+1: :blush:


Don‘t even get me started on the OS taking up most space. Every freakin‘ update makes me delete an music album or two. :triumph::triumph::triumph:


Maybe you should get a new phone or a SD card if that’s possible for you. I have 32GB internal + 64GB SD card sooo am cool wt my storage :3

That‘s one of Apple‘s many business schemes. Everything is fixed. You can‘t change the battery and drive storage is fixed as well without SD slots, so you‘re stuck with what you bought.

And I refuse to get a new phone until my current one, an iPhone 5S, literally breaks or becomes unusable otherwise. :grimacing:


Right, I forgot that…

anyway, if you don’t game and want to switch to Android, get the Moto G5, it’s under 100€ and has a sd slot AND replacable battery :speak_no_evil:


Ok I did it, I bought it, I had to, it’s good, I COLLECTED SO MUCH STUFF MWAHAHA

Does it have a headphone jack thou? :thinking:

By the way, that ain’t the only Prof. Layton game there, although those are spinoffs, not the main series, also, I’m just making my way through the entire DS games again, a shame I’ll never be able to get the downloadable puzzles despite they being on the goddam cartridge already dammit :rage:!!!

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Yes indeed, it’s basically a little budget “flagship” in terms of physical features :sweat_smile:

Ah well, I’m not too well versed in terms of the original Layton as I’ve never played any before…am just happy to see full price titles on mobile and it doesn’t look bad, does it? :slight_smile:

Monster Hunter: Stories is super optimised for mobile btw, controls are exactly how one would expect them on a touchscreen, graphics are nice nice (could honestly be improved further but oh well) and there are all the things that make Nintendo games so great: attention to detail & quality gameplay
Which is why I’m kinda hyped for Layton as well :grin: