Upcoming coin amount feature seems useless

Hello, new user here so apologies if this has been asked before (I did a search but it’s kinda hard to formulate what you mean in the search).

What exactly is the purpose of this feature? If every day just says the same I don’t see any reason for it to be on the page. It feels like the daily coins were originally supposed to be different values and this was supposed to display that.


Yeah I gotta agree with you here, there have been times in the past that the amount we get is different to the 20 + bonus, Christmas if I remember correctly was 100+, but for the most part it’s always the same. I think I’ve gotten so use to ignoring it that I don’t see it anymore


Totally fair criticism. We intended to have the daily amount frequently change, but just haven’t followed through on that. We’re working on some internal tooling that will make this easier in the future though, so hopefully we’ll add some spontaneity there.


Thanks for the reply. That sounds great, can’t wait to see some new features for the website.