Unused Steam Keys Giveaway

Edit: You’re welcome and thanks for the comment about my username

Steam keys are yours just replace the question mark with a number

Goat Simulator: KKCFQ-YLG4?-PIKH7
Universe Sandbox: 4W9NL-JDD0A-XR?TQ
Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure: 3X3V2-K?KEQ-XFFDF
Vanguard Princess : KEL0K-ZIEDW-26?WV
Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize DLC: JVVM3-A2LRV-EZ?W3
Vanguard Princess Kurumi DLC: Z4?93-5XCRV-WNAWL
Vanguard Princess Lilith DLC: ATXAV-PWRM6-?KP6Z
Vanguard Princess - Artwork and Soundtrack DLC: BQJG5-RN?3D-0NIN5
Vanguard Princess Director’s Cut DLC: 94D5Z-LZMQ?-MCAI4


I snagged the Vanguard Princess - Artwork and Soundtrack DLC key, thank you.

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Dag namn it! Would have liked to try Unbox but currently can’t access my steam account… :frowning: (and no doubt it’ll be gone before I can)

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Not going to take anything but thanks for doing the giveaway

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Snagged Vanguard Princess. Thanks!

Thanks for the giveaway, however i have to say, that this is a really frustrating way to give away keys, since you need up to 10 trys to activate a key. For me Steam somehow even crashes after each second invalid try. Not to mention that you have to wait like 45 minutes, after some failed attempts.
I would preffer a riddle, or maybe a math task, to get the missing diget, but then again, you’re giveing away free stuff, that’s great enough.
In the end, I’m just salty that I can’t activate the Unbox key ._.


Universe Sandbox is taken, not by me but someone else, oh well…thank you for free keys

8 hours


Unbox is really an awesome game, I hope the person who get it will play it!

I -fairly- don’t like that way of giving away, though, inserting key slowly can get things done. Still, agreed on failed attempts.

Bytheway… darkshadow thanks a bunch for doing this, 'm appreciating :slight_smile:

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@darkshadow…You did a good thing!

P.S. Your nick is cool. It reminds me of my fav TV show when I was a teenager…Dark Shadows…

And YES! I did run home from school to see it.

P.P.S. Forgot to sat…I have too many games as it is and I keep buying…(I think it’s an addiction. HELP!!!) but haven’t played hardly any of them. So I didn’t get a game either.

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Thanks for the giveaway @darkshadow ! I’m not claiming anything, but this is very generous of you!

I knew it…Unbox has been snagged by a driveby claimer… :frowning:

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Well, you could always just buy the bundle for $3.49… and give me Shadowrun: Dragonfall :wink: -
Indie Legends 6 Bundle | Fanatical

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