"unused" header

was thinking,
on my browser at least (i guess it could be different for others ofc), we have this huge purple forum header, that is largely unused
and been thinking for a while, why not take more advantage of it, in the style that humble does.
make it a banner for the daily deal, game poster/picture and all, so it’s not just “wasted” empty purple space (although pretty colour :+1:)
and i get it might be needless overkill and it could just be a bunch of work for not much, since most people probably go straight for the front page before going to forum or use the daily deal thread/top button for redirect anyway… or something, or not.

or would that be too obnoxious/invasive when casually browsing a forum?:confused:

anyway, just a thought. :smile:
(i like pretty pictures, maybe that’s just why lol)