Unreal Deal Pack $3 @ GamersGate



Very nice deal if you know of, are already invested in the game, but it’s new to me. Great share!


I felt like the original UT had the best gun design, but UT2k4 was probably the peak of the franchise for me. Graphics good enough to look good, but not so good that it stifled the modding community by setting the bar too high. Consequently, the number of great mods for UT2k4 is astounding (weapons, characters, maps, vehicles, everything), even if the default weapons are less satisfying than the original. Never did get into UT3, first impressions were that it felt clunky on release and I just stuck with UT2k4.


Thanks, @pegasusz :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Unreal Tournament 3 is the best game of series definitely.

Its like battlefield, but in some cases better. Unreal Tournament 3 offers you almost ten types of game modes, different races and characters.
You can play in arena or on huge map. You can use vehicles, different weapons (not only 2 - primary + secondary)
Multiplayer is totally dead, but the bots (that you can set up) are so challenging.

  • So many gun fights
  • even if the game is old and not demanding, on ultra graphics looks better than many games released last years
  • there is no story driven solo player campaign - all is based on “Tournament” so you play all game modes

So the game is still great fun and not outdated.

A perfect game 10/10

My first ever game review


And 3€ for the full package is a great price. Best deal. I bought only UT3 for 5,5€ I think.

@pegasusz Do they provide a Steam key?

PS: Sorry for the spam


Sigh, I wished Unreal Tournament’s community development project would’ve continued. But alas, Fortnite is a powerful brand, and stopping development on that for UT would be the worst business decision ever for Epic Games (plus UT is free which wouldn’t have had any financial return whatsoever). It’s like saying no to Smite in favor of Tribes Ascend for Hi-Rez Studios.

Love the UT theme though. I actually like the UT2004 remix the most, which is not something most people would pick.


Wow, that brings memories.
Original Unreal Tournament was (may be still is, I’m not sure) my favorite game ever. I spent so much time playing with friends, checking out new maps and mods, trying to edit a movie, etc.

But I did not touch it for like 5 years already and the chances of me getting back into it are pretty slim now. Looks like I won’t be finishing my frag movie anytime soon as well.

Makes me kinda sad but what can you do actually? Real life issues always take precedence and the drive does not seem to be there anymore.


Not a spam at all :wink:

And yea, they provide a key for the whole collection.