Unity announces new pricing structure: 0.2€ fee and the potential impact on Steam games

Not making the fees retroactive is great news for indie devs, and also means we won’t see this going to court. I assume godot is still going to get a lot of new users.


Having pondered it for a hot minute now, I don’t really think this is particularly good news. I think this whole thing smells a lot like the “big ask” tactic, they went out with a first salvo of something absolutely outrageous and sat quietly for a week while everyone raged impotently before “generously” going back while still keeping their runtime charge structure largely intact.

Lest not lose sight that the whole idea of charging per install is still very much a part of what they’re implementing. This it is still a really abusive measure to pressure developers into using their add-delivery/monetization platform and to force them into far more costly license tiers.