Unfinished Business

So I just started doing a series of streams/videos going back to games I never finished from when I was a kid. I started out with Dynowarz, because robot dinosaurs. It made me curious about others experiences with revisiting games years later and finishing something they didn’t or just couldn’t after getting older and wiser.

So, what unfinshed business do you have?


Tons, because I had a thing that when I really liked a game, I would never finish it so I can come back later and re-play it all again. Some examples, Shining Force II, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Phantasy Star IV, Roller Coaster Tycoon. All of them I got close to the end but didn’t try to beat just to preserve. :rolling_eyes:

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As a kid I rarely finished games, of course many games just didn’t even HAVE a finished state back then. They just kept going and getting harder and faster until you died, then the point was to get a bit better every time and rather than beating the game your aim was to beat your previous self.

But even as games became more about a campaign or story lines with an end, It was still rare for me to complete them. I think my first actually finished game might have been Half life. Maybe owing to it’s, at the time, uniquely linear structure and strong story elements. Possibly followed by Outcast.

Games that I have later returned to and still didn’t finish though has two notable entries on it. Syndicate and Syndicate wars. I’ve replayed these games in modern times and still did not manage to get through them properly. Same thing with Starcraft, never managed to get myself through the Protoss campaign and Broodwars with the final zerg missions.

Another game that I’ve played a lot of times but never quite to completion is X-com 2: Terror from the deep. I used to get back into this game ever few years or so. But partly due to how slow the game gets in later large levels and partly because I just have my fill of it, I’ve never really finished the game. Never did end up finishing the modern remake either.


This is a really good topic- I find discussions like this really interesting. Personally, I grew up in the PS1 era. I have really fond memories of coming home from school and playing Gex 2 and 3 with my parents. I recently picked them up again and my God, they are every bit as frustrating as I remember. I’m powering through though.

I played Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness with my mum as well but we never finished it. Got it in a bundle on Steam and started playing again last year. It’s really hard, largely because the controls are really clunky, but it holds a lot of fond memories for me. Haven’t finished it yet though (yeah, I’m not technically sticking to the subject matter but it counts right? Yeah? Yeah, it counts :grin:).

I went back and ACTUALLY finished the first two Harry Potter games (the PS1 versions). They aren’t that fun as an adult really, but a couple of the other versions hold up okay.

There’s definitely something else that I finished but I really can’t think what it was right now :thinking:

Edit: Pokemon! That was it. Pokémon Red. I sank so many hours into that when I was a kid. Finally finished it as an adult. Like, at least twice :joy:


Bumpin’ it up to see who else has stories.