Unable to Purchase Game

I am currently trying to purchase The Divion: Gold Edition on chrono.gg, through the link associated with one of your sponsored streamers. However, I am unable to enter my card information, thus preventing me from completing my purchase. I cannot see anything on my end that could be causing the problem. I am currently using Google Chrome, have scripts enabled, ads are not blocked, and all cookies are allowed. Could you please help me so that I can purchase this game and support you and the streamer and also enjoy this game?


You should send an email to Chrono Support: help@chrono.gg if you haven’t, in the mean time let’s @ summon some folks so that this get noticed if it hasn’t already @lonin, @frst, @dusty, and @Ernin8t0r


@Espeonn you need to connect/sign in with the (blue) Ubisoft button before being able to make the purchase
it’s a method Ubisoft is using on some stores to ensure “direct activation”
(and have the email field on top filled in too ofc)


The ubisoft blue button wouldn’t load for me so I ran a few tests, turns out privacy badger identifies it as a tracker and blocks “static2.cdn.ubi.com”.

I’m sure it’s probably correct in doing so, even if it makes it hard to buy ubisoft games. But then again it should be, good badger!