Unable to login or load front page in Chrome

I’m new here but have found that I couldn’t login, register or do anything with the part of the site not in the community via my Chrome browser.
I ended up registering via Edge but honestly I prob never visit if I have to have to keep using edge.
Tried deleting cookies, restarting computer/broswer, and that’s about all the troubleshooting know how I have besides searching the forums without success.
Anything is appreciated.


Very strange, sorry to hear you’re having issues! Are you by chance running any javascript blocking extensions?

Strange :thinking:. I use chrome every day and never had a problem.

What version of chrome do you use? (chrome://settings/help)

Note that “chrono.gg” and “community.chrono.gg” have separated login sessions. If you login to “chrono.gg” you are not logged in to “community.chrono.gg” and vice versa. You have to login to both. On “community.chrono.gg” you also can not login using your username.